Right from the word Go, PlirisBlaze is a Nigerian mobile brand that makes out like it means business. A Nigerian smartphone brand? Does that surprise

PlirisBlaze Means Business [Updated]

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Right from the word Go, PlirisBlaze is a Nigerian mobile brand that makes out like it means business.

A Nigerian smartphone brand? Does that surprise you? This is not the first time a Nigerian company is venturing into the making of smartphones. Anyone remember the Anabel smartphones? They were a range of Windows Mobile smartphones made by a Nigerian company. There was also Zico, though that was a feature phone brand.

My suspicion is that there are still other Nigerian brands that will make their way into this smartphone manufacturing space. However, the Pliris Blaze is already here, and we’ve taken it through it’s paces to see what it brings to the table.

Yes it does. At least, amidst other Nigerian mobile phone efforts. And I dare say that this is a Nigerian phone that shouldn’t be ignored. I also suspect that PlirisMobile Nigeria Limited, the company behind the Blaze mean business. Well, keep your fingers crossed and come with me as we explore this device.


Packaging & Accessories
The packaging is a winner – a white box with contents neatly arranged. But the accessories are just as good. They are all in white too, reminding one of Apple’s signature. Included accessories include: earphones, 4GB microSD card, microUSB cable, charging point, standard battery, and extended battery.

It is a complete package.

I See You…
Yes I know that it is said, Never judge a book by its cover. the Pliris Blaze, and it did not disappoint in the looks department. First and foremost, this is a gorgeous looking phone, even though at times I feel like I’ve seen this design before from another manufacturer. Never mind. What’s important is that it’s a well designed phone and feels solid in the hand.

Of course, it is the usual PDA-style slab design, with the 4.0 inch multi-touch capacitive screen occupying most of the front space. Above the screen, you find the Android label to show that this is an Android powered phone. There’s also a front facing camera (1 megapixel) for video calls, and an LED indicator. Below the screen, you get four capactive touch buttons that are not very sensitive to the touch, but on the average gets the job done.

The back of the phone is where its beauty really shines. The combination of off-white and silver colour for the back cover is really tasteful. You will also find a 3.0 megapixel camera with dual LED flash.

But Do You Have Character?
We have established that the Pliris Blaze is a beautiful phone. But then, does it have character? Will it be able to deliver on its promises? Our testing shows that this is a phone that passes, though not with flying colours as there are a few character flaws.

1. There’s Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) running in the veins of this baby. All the goodies of Gingerbread are here, multi-tasking, wifi-hotspot, plus all the apps available in the Google Play Store.

Well, that’s only half the story. The manufacturer has done a little tweaking of the OS to spice up your experience. For instance, Instead of the stock Android homescreen, you get an option of two homescreen launchers built into the OS. Zeam home screen launcher is enabled by default. But you can always change it by pressing the home button.

Also, there are a number of apps that do not come pre-installed on the stock Android OS that are here out-of-the-box. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Angrybirds, Texty, etc. This is some serious savings on your precious bandwidth.

2. The Processor is a Qualcom chip clocked at 700Mhz with 512MB RAM to go along with it. While I would have loved to see a higher processor, this is good enough for most tasks.

3. Memory card slot with a 4GB card installed. If that’s not enough for you, you can get a card with higher memory up to 32GB and the phone will handle it without issues.

4. There’s HSDPA for fast Internet usage.

5. There’s multi-media catering to your photos, videos, and music needs. I must say though that pictures taken with the camera of this phone won’t impress your friends. It is only a 3 megapixel camera afterall. But the music and video players deliver well.

6. There’s a front facing camera for video calls and chatting.

7. The manufacturer has included an extra battery and a 10hrs extended battery pack in the box. This should supply all the needed juice for the phone to make it through the day.

8. There’s FM radio and terrestrial TV as the manufacturer puts it to keep you entertained and informed. I was able to watch local stations on the phone. Really nice.

9. There’s a dual SIM card slot, which means you’ll be able to use two numbers at the same time.

10. The music and video players deliver very well. The speaker on the back of the phone also produces good sound.

You Are Not Perfect
The only phone that is perfect is called “No phone”. Unfortunately, the Pliris Blaze is a phone and it is hereby imperfect. Yes, it’s got character, but it has also got some character flaws.

Dual SIM functionality: maybe it’s the unit that was sent to us, but the dual SIM functionality just didn’t work. The phone only registered SIMs in the first SIM card slot. I swapped the SIMs back and forth and it was the same result all the time. After several attempts, I just gave up.

Update We did get the dual SIM functionality working eventually. Apparently, we did not insert the SIM card properly the first time. – Editor

Display/Screen: the 4.0 inch screen is very bright and remains readable under direct Sunlight. It is capable of displaying up to 16 million colours. However, touching the screen in use is a different ball game. It turns out that the screen is not very responsive to touch. And one cannot help but wonder if this is a capacitive touch screen.

Call Quality: Call quality is average on the whole. Occasional dropped calls, low audio during calls are some of the weak points of this device.

Camera: The 3.0 megapixel camera sports a dual LED flash. Just to put it bluntly, the camera on this device is not impressive at all.

This is a Nigerian phone that means business, despite its many flaws. The Blaze is currently sold in the market for N50,000. With right pricing, it should do well in the market.

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  1. #50,000???? They got the pricing wrong. Samsung Galaxy SL is 49k while sony ericsson xperia neo is 50k. The price is not competitive

  2. While I was planning †?? rejoice at the mention of the dual sim functionality, the last paragraph really disappointed •?? ?????€! And the price, way too high…..

  3. Nice looking phone. Reminds me of HTC. However, I know it must be a China made.

    Nice entry level gingerbread android but to make an impact, these guys should make it affordable. I love to buy Nigerian products but when you have been spoilt by the likes of Samsung N7000 Note,………

    Nice try sha. But please let it be affordable then we shall surely buy for our children and friends.

  4. It’s too expensive, and why would they put dual Sim when the second Sim slot does not work? To cap it all, the screen is not very responsive. This must be a joke.

  5. Right from the word Go, PlirisBlaze is a Nigerian mobile brand that makes out like it means business.

    For this price tag and the unresponsive touchscreen, it strikes me like the name of the business PlirisBlaze means is failure. The only advantages of this phone over similarly spec’ed Android devices from big name manufacturers like LG and Samsung are the bigger screen and terrestrial TV chips. I doubt the pixel count is going to be more than HVGA and given that it is not so responsive, I don’t see it as much of an advantage. And this device is almost twice the price of those devices. That is simply pricing the device out of competition and company out of business.

    For new company, this is not healthy at all. Whatever they do, they need to review the price of the device to become competitive.

  6. 50 wat????!!!!!! :O For a 3MP, ‘resistive’ touchscreen phone??! I Will gladly pass over and over again!

  7. Bummer!. I actually thought this could be something. Oh well, we’ll just have to see if they can look at the comments here and revamp their product accordingly. Any phone in 2012 that has an unresponsive touchscreen is totally unacceptable; heck, it was unacceptable 5 years ago!. Get your act together Pliris and reduce the price of your phone and you might actually sell some.

  8. I smell(ed) trouble when i saw Mr mobility is not reviewing the phone. Letme postulate: plirisBlaze, when guys on this platform gets angry,things happen,did u notice dat Mr mobility is not talking-he is very angry! very angry.are you guys joking? ask deoladoctor etal to tell you the meaning of BID & DOA.

    you made a 3megapix,resistive screen,handicaped dualsim,poorly soldered chip board phone for 50k? go home! come back with a slashed price of 25k with all your flaws & we may forgive you. then plead with Mr

  9. Then plead with Mr Mobility to say something.Let me remind you that he had made international phonebrands to respond to this blog,he had told some to go jump into the NigerDelta.And you know what,we all agreed with him-thats big big trouble for you.

    sell this phone for 25k and see what the guys here will help you rake in.dare it! Menwhile as the chinese brands how they use volume of sales to versus low price to ride the nigerian market and beyond.
    Oh least I forget my 25k is ready and waiting.I have also

  10. For 25k I would buy iy instantly. My friend bought an xperia 612mhz touch screen for 26. Final take 30k at 50 its too high and I really want to support but at 50k. Haba it is not a bb oh. Only bb’s are permitted to be stupidly expensive when compared to specs.

  11. This device seems costly for specs.
    This is unsurprising because it is a ‘Nigerian’ phone.

    How can we expect a made_in_Nigeria phone to be priced competitively with other international brands? It is just impossible!

    The cost of labor and infrastructure (power, security, etc) is comparatively higher than what obtains in more industrialized countries (like China).

    If this device is priced as low as N25k, they may Just find themselves out of business!.

    It is this inauspicious business climate that has made it so difficult for Industrialists (especially new ones) to cope in Nigeria… (Dunlop, Cadbury, Michelin, textile coys, etc – are no longer competitive)

    Something has to be done urgently to encourage brave Industrialists like PlirisBlaze…

  12. It’s nice to see initiative but in an already competitive Smartphone market, i think plirilis needs to step up and make either better phones or push the price point down.

  13. I think its a great effort on Pliris Blaze’s part; an attempt to stand on queue with bigger brands like Samsung and HTC is commendable esp. since this is our very own Nigerian brand.

    I remember my first smartphone was actually an Anabel but its delivery and service offering was poor…your guess is as good as mine what I did with it eventually!

    However, Pliris Blaze seems a good shot at the competitive smart-phone market despite its flaws…I’d say ditch the dual-SIM functionality and focus on improving delivery offerings viz a viz display, speed and camera quality.

  14. I would be out of my mind to buy this phone for 50k with these not too impressive specs. This is the issue I have with chinko android phones. The company should have put together a better product. I seriously doubt they mean business.

  15. Jenuwa and Jujukemist, the screen is a capacitive touch screen, and not resistive.

    Eye.bee.kay and Soji, I’m totally with you guys.

  16. 50k?? R u kidding? For a 3 mp, 700mhz? Hw cme it has local tv? Dats a feature for chink phnes. Also d shot of d box shows the phone with a sense ui homescreen but in the picture of the actual phone, it’s completely different.
    Eyebeekaz does have a point.. But if its d unfavourable conditions in naija then they shud hav thot of a way to solve the problem You can’t have a successful business if u can’t come up with ideas.. Plus I doubt it was actually produced in naija
    @reviewer is the screen sensitivitz really that bad

  17. @teebee, the screen sensitivity isn’t hundred percent bad, but for a screen that claims to be capacitive, we expected a better performance. I especially ran into difficulty when scrolling. In fact, scrolling was a chore on this device.

  18. @dayo yeah i know,is just that from your review,which i suspect was fair to p blaze,that screen was behaving like a resistive screen

  19. Bottomline is, this phone is not competitive. Nigerian made or not. This is business not charity. How many people will buy it out of support for a Nigerian brand? There is no shortcut. Even if the specs are better, it still is not competitive. Chinko phones gained market share by offering lower than average prices. Even at that, the quality of established brands saw them through. American companies go to china to produce their phones to lower cost. After that, they court network providers to subsidize their phones all in a bit to make people buy it. Although it is commendable that a nigerian company is building android phones, they will have to work harder. My advice is, if you cant make your phones cheaper than the average android phones from big players, dont bother. Sentiments aside, you will struggle to sell.

  20. The phone is a bit expensive but the features are fair for a starter product.

  21. @efe you have crystalize the issue here.one can not start with an android phone of 50k when the target market has android phones for between 19k to 25k

  22. I’ve taken time to read all the comments. One thing is ever present, a high price factor.

    Yes , the phone is good. Nice features for a start point. With additional region specific feature like terrestrial TV which you do not see in well established brands like Nokia, Samsung and Apple! That is an added advantage. Really. However, the price point kind of spoil the whole well orchestrated ending resulting from a well written piece. It’s like a single but fatal error to an otherwise, flawless symphony!

    Despite the fact that I would like to support a made in Nigeria brand, it would be difficult to justify spending so much for a device that is more expensive than a better SPECed established brand!

    Be that as it may, I’d like to encourage our carriers to subsidise the phone. The government shouldn’t be left out in this. It is not all about expensive governance and PDP conventions. They should begin to support indigenous companies! If PlirisMobile does well it promises thousands of jobs for Nigerians and also will improve our economy. What they need mose is capital and investment. With that done, then the cost of the phone will surely fall and will inadvertently become more affordable!

  23. Jujukemist,

    I’m afraid that you got things all wrong. I have no problem with the Pliris Blaze. I quite like it and think it is a commendable effort.

    As for Dayo reviewing the device, I cannot write every review on this blog. This is not the first review that Dayo is writing either. I am also unable to read every comment. You can imagine that I am just seeing and responding to this today.

    Please stick to the review proper and avoid these sort of speculations 😉


  24. I know it is a rebranded China phone. It is the same as Star A3 android phone. Where can one buy this phone in Nigeria, apart from Abuja?

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