Yesterday, I brought you a sneek peek at the PlirisBlaze XT. Today, I have the full specifications available for you straight from the Pliris Mobile

PlirisBlaze XT Full Specifications Released!

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Pliris Blaze XT

Yesterday, I brought you a sneek peek at the PlirisBlaze XT. Today, I have the full specifications available for you straight from the Pliris Mobile team:

– Size: 166mm x 83mm x 7.6mm metal bpdy
– 6.0″ FHD IPS 1920 x 1080 pixels
– Dual SIM (3G, HSPA+ up to 42Mbps)
– Android 4.3 OS
– 1.5 GHz Quad-core Low-power Cortex-A7 architecture
– 32GB Storage
– Supports Micro SD Card up to 64GB
– 13MP AF(after flash) Back Camera with 1080P video recording
– 5MP Front Facing Camera
– NFC (Near Field Communication)
– Dedicated Camera Button
– Dedicated Sound Recorder Button
– Dedicated SOS Button (PlirisMobile FindMe App)
– Pre-Installed Hausa, Yoruba & Igbo Keyboard
– Free SMS for Life
– 2500mah Battery
– WiFi
– 4.0 Bluetooth
– Light, Proximity, Gravity Sensors
– Hand Writing Recognition
– Comes with a Slim Leather Case

The full specifications indicate a respectable device that is comparable to current flagships out there. What do you think?


  1. High spec for nigerian OEM, but my undying question can the OS be upgraded after all its a flagship device.

  2. PlirisBlaze XT specs as outlined above are fantastic, but the 2 thump down I’m seeing are “Low-power Cortex-A7” and firmware upgrade support by the OEM. The OEM of this device ought to have used Cortex-A9 at least since this is a flagship device. I don’t have problem with 1.5GHZ quardcore processor and as of the other specs, they are comparable to current flagship devices out there.
    I may order for a unit if I’m pleased with a hand-on review at the Mobility Blog.

  3. The most important factor would be the cost. Seems the in-thing for African Android makers these days is to show BBM on their product showcase screen 😀

  4. Excellent! Targeting the masses via keyboard, smart marketing. I think the Lower powered processor is good if it can translate to lower battery consumption

  5. Personally I’m not a fan of phablets, but the specs listed above are pretty decent. However pricing will be an issue, this device will cost over =N=60,000. I think Nigerian OEMs (PlirisMobile & Orbra) should be working on budget (entry level and lower mid tier) devices, which is the segment of the market that leads sales. Tecno & Infinix didn’t make giant strides by leading with flagship devices, they gained access to the market with sub $150 (=N= 25,000) devices. As for OTA updates, the device ships with Jelly Bean 4.3, that’s gonna be the standard till KitKat starts rolling out to non Nexus & Google Play edition devices next year. As regards using BBM as a marketing prop, it makes no sense to me. Devices of this caliber all support BBM, noone is gonna cough out =N=60,000 for BBM, it’s not a dealbreaker

  6. The spec of this local beast is highly alluring because it is very much comparable with what the giant OEMs are churning out. However, from my own perspective the only downside I have found with this smart Phablet is the battery capacity. You may want to argue that the processor are low energy consumption one, but the big size of the screen remains the biggest consumption of battery power in all android smart phones. For me, that battery size is a big deal breaker. They should have consider something like 3000mAh or more.

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