So, I finally tried out Pokemon Go – Part 1

In the high moments of the Pokemon Go craze, I stood aloof. It just didn’t interest me. For one, I am not a huge gamer on mobile. On another note, I am just not given to jumping on every train that tons of people get on. Without meaning to, I just didn’t take any interest in the game.

That as till last night. Last night, on the whim of the moment, I pulled out my phone and downloaded the game. Installation done, I launched the app to see what the madness was all about. You can download it from Google Play or Apple Store.

Pokemon Go Mr Mo

First Of All, What Is PokeMon Go?

Pokémon Go is a free, location-based augmented reality game. It first hit the streets in July 2016. Players use a mobile device’s GPS capability to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on the screen as if they were in the same real-world location as the player. The game supports in-app purchases for additional in-game items. Source.

The game has been downloaded by more than 130 million people worldwide making it one of the world’s most downloaded apps. It is supposedly addictive and has attracted controversy for contributing to accidents and deaths at some locations.

First Impressions

Pokemon Go mobilityarena avatar

The app wanted every bit of information about me. Okay, not exactly. But it wanted my date of birth and email address. I complied. Of course, it wanted my location too. It needs that to send me around like a silly old man in search of some lost treasure. I complied. The app required me to choose an avatar. The lady looked good, so I became a lady.

I skipped all the options to tweak my avatar. I wanted to know what it was like playing this game. The app gave me a preamble about what to expect. Finally, I was ready to go. Mister Mo was going after the Pokemon.

To be concluded in Part 2

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