Poll: Does Android still lag in use?

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The discussion about Android and performance lags has been on for eternity. Yesterday, a Sony Xperia SP user tweeted this:

A lag in an OS means that users may experience comparative slowness or pause here and there during regular usage.

The Xperia SP is not exactly an example of a current front-line Android device. It was released in early 2013 (almost two years ago), runs Jelly Bean, and is powered by a Dual-core 1.7 GHz processor and 1GB RAM. We wouldn’t be surprised if it lags. We are interested in what people who have used more recent smartphones have to say about Android OS performance.

Does Android OS still lag?

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  1. I used my friend’s LG G3 and that stuff still lags. So don’t even say a thing about Sony being being old coz 2013 isn’t even a good excuse. Look at the iPhone 5, it was released in 2012 and it’s far way better than the G3. It’s faster, gaming experience is way better and the list goes on. C’mon, android should up their game and give users someone better.

  2. IMO, droid doesn’t lag anymore, this OEMS Samsung them are the prob. been rocking gionee for almost half a year an I’m glad to say tis been lag free. blots bug

  3. The User experience on any platform is a combination or cornucopia of hardware and software intermingling.

    Tell a Samsung Note 3 user that his phones lags, and watch him slit on your ignorant face. Is it not running Android?

    No; with Project Butter and lately, ART, I would say, saying Android lags is like hanging the Certificate Sword of Damocles on GMB’s neck to disqualify him from the 2015 Presidential Polls.

    A fruitless Wander in the Wilderness!

  4. Android lags often. Here is a quick test. Launch the Facebook App, Launch Twitter App and BBM, keep a Facebook messenger chathead on. Switch between the 4 apps opened and see the lags!

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