Poll: Do you still use USB Modems?

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Asides using LAN cables, USB Modems have always been another way of connecting our laptops to the internet, simply plugin the USB stick (once subscribed), connect to the internet and browse away. Our phones, on the other hand has become multifunctional from what we had few years ago.


For instance, most smartphones – iPhones, Blackberries, Androids -all have WiFi Hotspot feature. What this basically means is, you can share internet from your phone via WiFi to other WiFi enabled devices. Some other phones (Androids especially) also have USB Tethering (an option I personally prefer) with which you share data connection through USB cable to a laptop.

This feature has somewhat reduced the need for using modems, and mine is already picking up dust, as I’ve rarely used it for close to 2 years.

Now over to you, do you still use USB Modems? If not what do you use for internet? Routers or phones. Take out time and participate in the poll.

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  1. Elroy, it seems there’s a mistake. I’m seeing “preferred screen size” in the poll question. Or is it just my phone?

  2. corrected… but takes me back to home page.. like all polls of recent.. pls correct…. for USB modem always sha

  3. I was given one once, the connection was awful, never used it again. My brother has been using his for years and it has served him faithfully.

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