From the first day we are introduced to smartphones, the next thing is apps. Or at least, that is what some want us to believe.

Poll: How many apps have you installed? How many do you use?

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From the first day we are introduced to smartphones, the next thing is apps. Or at least, that is what some want us to believe. According to available statistics though, half of people who own a smartphone have never installed an app. Shocking; we know. For those of us who do install apps, we see ourselves installing one, two, three, or more of them. We get to meet apps that are so essential, then some others that we ignore, disable or uninstall.

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How many Apps Have You Installed?

Installing apps is one thing. Actually using them on the regular is a different ball game entirely. Nigeria in particular is not an “app market” the proof is really clear for all to see. Zoto Recharge app recently celebrated 350,000 downloads. In these parts, that figure is huge. Many locally developed apps here are yet to hit 10,000 downloads.

Away from statistics, let’s explore our personal usage. I personally have about 40 apps installed. Of that amount, I use only 10 regularly.

Now over to you. How many apps do you have installed currently on your smartphone? How many do you use? Take part in the poll let’s see how it turns out. Cheers.

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  1. I currently have 77 apps installed ranging from browsers (chrome,opera,UC mini), Bibles, WPS office, Adobe reader, bitender antivirus,cm locker ,cm backup, chatting apps (Xup,imo,2go,BBM, Telegram, Facebook messenger), Twitter to bank’s apps (diamond,Gtb, Firstmonie, Paga, AccessMobile). 77 apps occupied 4.5Gb of my phone internal memory

  2. have 33 apps under the downloaded apps tab, not including the dozen or so apps in the Google suite. use half of those regularly. mostly IM (WhatsApp & BBM), Social Network Apps (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook Lite), Media (Rocket Player & VLC Player), ES File Explorer (mostly to unzip files), Moon+ Reader (for e books), Yahoo Mail, Expense Manager, SwiftKey keyboard, Xender, WPS Office, Truecaller, ADM etc

  3. I have more than a hundred. Most usually come in handy at appropriate time.Thank God my device conveniently handles them well.

  4. The poll doesn’t do it for me. My phone says I have 224 apps, when in fact I’ve installed about 62. Of those 62, I use 28 regularly. Many of them are used occasionally e.g. WPS for word documents and spreadsheets which I rarely use, or Aviary for editing photos which I do regularly but not all of the time.

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