Poll: If Android succumbs today, which platform would you shift to?

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Android OS has steadily grown leaps and bounds to become the most popular mobile smartphone platform in the world. Google pushing it, and it’s open source nature, has driven lots of research, development and a plethora of innovations. Currently it boasts of over 1 billion users worldwide.


The world has adopted Android so much, such that it has become a daily driver for many of it’s users. For some, Android is life, they live and breathe Android, we can further argue (if you cut them open) that Android flows through their veins. I know some people like this :mrgreen:

Many people have switched from what they had before to adopt Android. But here’s a thought: What if Android suddenly ceases to exist? Which platform would you switch to? If you had the option to settle for the next best thing, Which platform would that be? Or would you commit suicide? 😆

Take a moment and participate in the poll, voice your thoughts in the comment section. Cheers!!

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  1. Simple.

    With over 1 billion users worldwide, Android is not going anywhere in a billion years.

    So, no need for any paradigm shift.

  2. I’ll either commit suicide or go back to nokia series 40 os… I have used both bbos and Windows Os… And I hated it.

  3. Already making plans to get an IPhone. If android “succumbs”, it’s IOS for me. If they follow suit, Windows. After then, I will commit ‘and die’

  4. BB10 & Windows Phone. as much as i like iOS the price points of the hardware don’t make it a viable option

  5. iOS… that’s the only other viable and useful OS… and if iOS goes, windows… iOS> windows> bb10> suicide

  6. If android ceases to exist, it’s ios for me.

    Suicide is not in my option sha. I will rather be phoneless. Hehe

  7. If Android ceases to exist, then I will settle for Windows Phone. Reason being apart from Android, Windows is the only other OS I am adapted to through Pc

  8. There are already other options apart from Android, and I have to say I don’t miss it that much. I still have an Android tablet and phone but hardly use them as other devices fill the gap nicely. And I can’t decide between BB10, WP8 nor iOS8, sorry!

    I said from the early days that I want to see what becomes of Android when they’ve exhausted the dessert alphabet names for their newest operating system. I’m patiently waiting to see what becomes of Android Q, X and Z 🙂

  9. I’ll commit suicide. I’m kidding. I’ll look for another OS that gives me similar freedom Android offered.

  10. I’m on android because of Samsung.
    I’ll follow them to any Os that doesn’t restrict them. otherwise, I’ll commit Os suicide.

  11. I’d rather kill myself than commit suicide.

    I said from the early days that I want to see what becomes of Android when they’ve exhausted the dessert alphabet names for their newest operating system.

    No biggie.

    They can.simply start naming the OS after human incurable diseases (they are many!)

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