Poll: Is the Lumia product line a mess?

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Nokia Lumia 520

When you see iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 on a list, you never have to wonder which of the two is more capable. The model numbering always tallies with the relative capabilities of the devices. Same goes for when you see Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 listed. Or HTC One M8 and HTC One M9. It is pretty straightforward.

How about with Lumia phones? Is it always that straightforward? PhoneBoy says it isn’t, and Paul Thurrott agrees:

What do you think? Is the entire Lumia product line a mess? Please take part in the poll below and feel free to express even more using the comment form.

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  1. I’m ditching my Lumia 822 to go back to an iPhone soon. Microsoft still has a long way to go to convince me to use Windows Phone OS. How bland can a mobile OS be?

  2. While trying to understand the numbering system, I discovered that the higher the base number, the higher end the phone is.
    5XX is the lowest end
    6XX, 7XX,8XX would be the mid-ranged phones
    9XX is the flagship
    10XX is the niche camera centric phone
    13XX is a low end phablet
    15XX is a high end phablet
    25XX is a tablet

    The next number seems to be the generation, maybe 2nd generation as in 520 or third generation as in 530

    The 535 is a slightly higher upgrade to the 530 in the same generation.

  3. Biola129 is completely correct. However, it’s not so obvious at first sight. Another company guilty of this is TECNO.

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