Poll: Will you like to buy your gadgets this way ?

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If you’re a regular on MobilityArena.com, you will notice that from time to time, we put up devices for sale. Sometimes these are sealed, brand new devices, while other times they’re review devices. In other cases, these are devices brought in through our numerous partners, or maybe devices we offer on our Deal Of The Week promos.


Whatever the case, we know that shelling out big bucks for a device is often a bit of a burden. So we have a question for you about gadget purchases and instalment payment. As with all our polls, our hope is to get as much feed back as possible from users, so we can serve you better. Thank you. Do participate in the poll let’s know your thoughts.

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PS: If you also know a great way to implement the instalment payment service, use the comment box below to share.


  1. The installment option would be a great idea but the issue of how to implement it is another matter..

  2. Yes I would cos money doesn’t grow on trees but awesome devices are out there.. But the extra bucks on installment ish is my grouse

  3. It would be great but it would require bank partnership. It should be with like 6 months limit.

  4. you really can’t eat your cake and have it, a zero interest installment plan would be nice, but what’s in it for the retailer? OEMs may be able to justify this, but not retailers. that said, the interest should be reasonable so that the total payment shouldn’t exceed 110%

  5. Personally I’m of the opinion that if anyone was offered something on installment (to avoid a repeat of the Lumia 930 incident), they should be someone who has shown a commitment to Mobility Arena by contributing in some way or another, and those who’ve signed up to the Mobility VIP.

    Those who have made a contribution are less likely to run off and I don’t mean contribute in the last few weeks kind of people. And if people reneged on any installment agreement, how would Mobility recover the money owed?

  6. that’s another consideration. I suppose you could go the mortgage/auto financing route and use the person’s salary account

  7. Business is all about taking risks! No? But I trust Mr mo them are thinking hard on how to make this work

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