Poll: How much data do you consume in a month?

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How much data

The internet is a very interesting place. The more you use, the more you see reasons to use it. Gradually it becomes a daily routine, part of your life and for some others like me, a means of livelihood. This naturally translates to the need for using much more data as one progresses.

I can vividly recall when 10MB of data took me through a month. Gradually, the thirst, urge and yearning for more has made us ‘data-holics’ and the situation is not helped by the gadgets we have now. Any smartphone without a data plan or data is practically useless.

Now over to you, How much data you you consume in a month? Are you a Beginner , Amateur, Professional or Master like some of use here? Do participate in the poll.

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  1. 20GB a month for 3 months running now. I use spectranet. Costs N7,000 a month. That’s double my Paytv bill.

  2. lol, seriously, 10 MB used to last a month. don’t think this ever happened to me

  3. Currently use 12gb – 16gb monthly. But i know if i could afford it, i probably be using up 150gb monthly.

  4. Haha.. My first browsing phone. One Motorola like that, it was more than enough lol

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