Poll: Would you pay to receive software updates?

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One major annoyance of buying Android phones is that there is no hope of future software updates for many of them. Some of us here own and use phones still running 2-year old Android KitKat version on their devices. Some still go as far back as running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. Sad situation really.

Android software updates


Most of the blame goes to the open source nature of Android. Google can only do so much – That’s why they’re breaking the OS into parts (different apps) and updating them individually. OEMs play their part too, and they deem it unnecessary or a waste of resources to invest in software updates for most of their devices.

Looking at the flip side, if you had your way, would you pay a manufacturer to make a software update available for your device? Or would you rather continue using your phone as it is? We created this poll to find out what you think. Do participate. Cheers.


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  1. I think we’re contending with updates on more than one front: updates pushed by the OS direct to devices (Google, iOS etc) versus versions of the OS pushed by the manufacturers (Samsung, HTC etc) versus OS updates pushed by network providers (T-Mobile, Sprint etc)

    If you buy your device outright, there should automatically be at LEAST one update to the OS regardless. Most manufacturers aren’t consistent with their updates, but it depends on the type of device; flagship devices are more likely to get an update than mid or low range devices.

    One of the reasons manufacturers don’t do updates for some devices after a certain time is usually to get the consumer to buy the next shiny thing. And you may not want it if the device you have does what you want it to…until you find certain apps you’ve relied on don’t work because your device doesn’t meat a criteria. It’s rarely about what the consumer wants but more about what they are prepared to put up with.

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