We ran a poll asking you to answer the question, “What mobile platform would your next primary smartphone be from?” Here are the poll results!

Poll Results: What mobile platform would your next primary smartphone be from?

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We ran a poll asking you to answer the question, “What mobile platform would your next primary smartphone be from?

Here are the poll results!

What mobile platform would your next primary smartphone be from?

The results in text:

  1. Android OS – 50 votes (39%)
  2. Symbian OS – 37 votes (29%)
  3. MeeGo – 12 votes (9%)
  4. iPhone – 11 votes (9%)
  5. WindowsPhone – 10 votes (8%)
  6. BlackBerry – 9 votes (7%)
  7. Bada OS – 0 votes (0%)

Thanks to everyone who participated. Comments welcome.

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  1. Definitely, not surprised.

    Despite android’s huge data guzzling, geeks will definitely find ways to handle it. It remains to see if we are choosing Android because it’s the reigning OS in developed nations, or because of the ‘openness’ and freedom it gives.

    I expected iOS to be a close 3rd, but Meego beat it to it.

    Blackberry, you’re going down, down, DOWN. I wonder what Emeka Okoye will say when he reads this post.

  2. I’m an android fan and i think its d best platform ever. its just so functional and there are so so many app’s to use. I hate the bb cos its over priced here in Nigeria for reasons I’ll call ‘local reasons.’ then blackberries have very limited models, all over priced also and the bis over priced too. I love android. I pay for d data i use. expensive but functional.

  3. the result is ok to me, but BB perfomed bellow my xpectn. The reason I guess is becos most peoples dat hav/use BB dont use it for browsing the net as such, they dont visit sites lik dis or kno anytin lik blog. To most of them BB is all about BBM and pinging bcos frm my own little(local) research on smartfone used, BB scored 60%. But to be frank wit u 40% of dem use it only for bbm,fbk& ping.infact most of them dont even kno that there are applications lik nimbuzz, whatsapp, twitter and so on on their bb, more than 30% dont even create 1 email acc(which I gues is one of the tin dat real bb fan go crazy for) . Finally, wht am trying to point out is that the poll by Iyomi(mobility) was a true result of the OS dat real geeks or those who use smartfone for wht they are made for will go for if they are to choose. Thank u mobility.

  4. Truely disappointed wit d position of d iOS…..I believe its d richest platform available to man, may not b as open source as d linux alternatives but I see no need for it to be sef, someone else always wud do the hard work for u. Neva been a fan of androids, they are meant to house a free os but apparently get costly for odd reasons. Maemo wud come and go with d N9, blackberry have their days numbered except QNX wants to do something drastic. As for symbian, I think they shud just give up. They lost their fans already. Windows mayb d next big thing with d next xbox running on windows 8 alongside tablets, pcs, and fones, it wud make syncronising a pretty straightforward ordeal.

    I still thing iOS is a boss tho! All I need on it is BBM (if that can eva happen! Rumors were flying around b4) and ma BB goes to ma dog!

  5. I like andriod but will continue to stick to bb becos of the unlimited data, I download over 5gig worth of data, if I move to android I will be spending much more. Anyway ma next phone should be 9790

  6. FOUL. I cry FOUL. I read through all the posts and there is no way symbian can be third. Yomi your love for symbian is blocking your judgement. Blackberry OS should be third. FOUL. This has turned to a Nigerian rigged poll. Mind you am writing this from my Nokia symbian.

  7. @mark: pls keep sentiment away. 129 people voted and those 129 have spoken. This is nt PDPmatter. Like I said earlier how many BB fans do visit sites like dis one or blog? BB fans are many , but most of them use it for BBM and Ping. Only 9 voted for BB OS, its a game of number pls. Tell them to explore the net sometimes instead of pinging alone all day(wit whatapps one can also ping from any other OS).

  8. Mark you are funny – a typical Nigerian.what you dont like,you rig it on paper.the poll tells me that the symbian is not dead,she would be around even after 2016 in nigeria

  9. I think Mark was only taking the piss after all he said he was typing from his Symbian phone.

    For those saying Symbian is dead I think you guys are being ignorant , I was so bored yesterday and my fingers were itching for some experiment so I looked at my N8 and said okay Nate let’s pimp you a bit. I downloaded Phoenix and installed the latest leaked Symbian Belle firmware on my phone and I must confess I really I’m thrilled by the feel good UI, fluidity and overall metamorphosis of the OS .

    This leaves me with questions like why did Elop declare Symbian dead ? If Symbian could still look this good why strike up a partnership with Microsoft? I don’t know what is dead in this OS cos I know I have a thing for quality, if Symbian is dead but developers keep developing for the platform and people still buy Nokia Symbian flagship phones then I think that also makes both the developers and the customers dead.

    I get it though since every thing non American always has to die though Nokia has to take majority of the blame for lagging behind with the development of Symbian despite the heavy competition from other OEMs. It’s good to see Nokia has been putting to order those little things they ignored in the past like being funky, I checked Fb page last night on the computer and noticed the new Nokia icon when one post Fb messages from a Nokia, I loved it and almost change my relationship status to “in a relationship with Nokia” Lol.

    I love my new “feel good” Symbian and I believe they can only keep resurrecting. Yeah it’s too late to vote though but Symbian gets my vote still !

  10. I knew before that android would carry the day at the end of the poll. The ease and openness with which one can do things on android os has no comparison. I used symbian before I migrated to android and I can tell you is symbian is far behind. For ios, I hate it because of being a closed os and over pricing of apple phones. For BB, I never liked it. Thank you Yomi and everybody that participated in the poll.

  11. It would also have been educative to see what the current OS of the respondents are. Then we could truly have known which OS is raising or sinking.

  12. Even though the future is clear, most people still don’t want to accept it.

    Some are ready to stick with the past as much as possible.

    As for BB users, we all know its all about BBM, only very small % of BB users go beyond BBM.

    But on a lighter note, this new plans by GSM providers that allow BB users to make calls at reduced rates and access to unlimited data is quite inviting and hard to resist.

  13. This poll result only shows that Android is gaining popularity in awareness but majority of people still uses Nokia/Symbian devices, probably followed by Blackberry before Android.

    Please remember there is a big difference between the majority and the ones gaining popularity and the ones dropping market shares.

  14. are we suggesting Bada should close shop.. no one voted that platform??? thats quite ridiculus.. who uses/has used bada? what are its limitations??

  15. The results kind of surprised me. I was of the impression that Symbian would get fewer votes and not being skewed overwhelmingly towards Android. However I want to note that this is a Nigerian Demographic and it is unique and different from those of Europe or the US in which iOS and Android score the highest in ALL polls.

    The N9 is an experimental device, and I would not want wish to be an early and early adopter. Despite that, it garnered more votes than iOS and even Blackberry.

    There’re so many reasons one could extrapolate to this trend. But it’s good to be clear that this is likely the Nigerian trend. And it’s markedly different from what you get elsewhere!

  16. Im not suprise about the result, all the people that voted are definitely mobile geeks who will never pick blackberry as their primary phone. Go to town ask question 9 out of every 10 want blackberry like me. Anyway I wont change my mind.

  17. knowledge is power. for an ardent user of honda cars who probably has been usind the sedans and SUV’s… his quest for high performance and luxury could expose him to the FX 35 or any of the infinity sedans and he adopts them as his primary car.

    they all have their pros and cons but when d pros far far outweigh the cons… you grab it my brother… Android is the flaming love now for everyone who desires high performance in mobile telephony

  18. one true is altogether universal in all these polls. Android is gaining momentun with each passing. This isn’t just a Nigerian phenomenon. In fact it is global and cuts across all continents. By the way, fine analysis, fortespy!

  19. Symbian is not dead. I flashed my N8 and C7 with the new leaked symbian Belle yesterday. The result? Wonderful and responsive user interface. I really wonder why it was pronounced dead by Nokia.

    The poll result is a true reflection of the opinion of people who use smartphones the way they are meant to be used.

  20. Hmmmmm I thought as much the yes have it. It’s Android all the way. Symbian is not dead yet(Elope ‘kilode’?)

  21. Who said Symbian is dead? The platform still does it anyday and I think all is takes is a really appealing or revolutionary device for it to shoot to the top of this list. Lets say the N9 running on Symbian…

  22. Dougla

    Which real life situation are you talking about?

    Real life right now, BlackBerry has less than 2% of the Nigerian market. Symbian has the bulk, and Android is catching on, positioned somewhere in between the two.

    BlackBerry devices are not as popular as some of you guys think.

    The reality is that BlackBerry is nowhere near that 40% that you stated. Not by any chance.

  23. Plain and simple poll. I believe its is what Yomi has said it is. This is not an election, nor a do Or die affair! What would Yomi gain from changing figures? we need more polls. simple observation. the number of voters is not quite representative of the larger society. enjoy your wknd.

  24. Yeah thats really true, majority will buy symbian because of the cheap prize tag and variety but if you were to sponsor the purchase, I bet 40% will pick black berry

  25. When i first said Symbian would die, i was castigated. Now am saying blackberry is taking over am still castigated. Time will tell.

  26. Only the youths and students use blackberry..and blackberry sales are going down worldwide…it might be increasing in Nigeria but not worldwide!

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