Poll : Do you still read phone manuals?

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Once upon a time, before we touched any new device, we would go through the manuals over and over again. Gradually testing all the functions before we got used to it. Those days, we dare not press anything we don’t know 😀 Make the phone no spoil for our hands 😆
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Fast forward to 2015, we just pick up devices and start using. No time to check manual. For some others, they might just prefer to go online and find solutions to any issues they’re facing. Have we lost our traditional habit of checking up phone manuals?Phone -maunalPersonally, I no longer check manuals. Participate in the poll let’s know your opinions, Cheers.

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  1. lol, unless. I’m looking for something specific like technical specifications and radio frequecies (which can be easily found online) i don’t think I’ll ever check a phone manual again. most phones don’t even come with manuals these days

  2. Maybe when I try something out of the box like a new phone OS. I’ve always been a Java and android fan and i don’t think any manual can tell me more than I already know especially courtesy of Mobile Review online

  3. They are all the same to me why bother with the manual,an Android is an Android is an Android..

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