Poll: Would you use a phone with no headphone jack?

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It is no longer news that the new iPhone 7 doesn’t come with a headphone jack. Rumors flew around first. The phone then launched – confirming the rumors. But it isn’t just Apple that is in on this. For bragging rights, some phone brands have already ditched the famous 3.5 mm audio jack and launched phones with no headphone jack.

no headphone jack

What are the replacements to the headphone jack offered so far? First, LeEco launched USB Type-C digital headphones. Apple has the wireless AirPods, plus the lightning adapter. Perhaps we shall see more options over time. Will there be another standard? Perhaps USB Type-C will have the day. Time will tell.

Would you use a phone with no headphone jack?

But here is our question: In the face of all this, can you use a phone with no headphone jack? Participate in the poll let’s know your thoughts.

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