Poll: Which of these Nigerian mobile networks are you most satisfied with?

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Is it MTN or GLO, Etisalat or Airtel? From which of these Nigerian mobile networks do you derive the most satisfaction? We are not restricting the poll to voice or data services, but general quality of service. Sometimes we can say they’re all the same – birds of the same feathers, But if you were to choose just one network to use, which would it be? Do participate in the poll let’s see the outcome.

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  1. This poll is so incomplete. Satisfied with, how? Data? Calls? Overall QoS? Tariff?

    I like MTN for calls, Airtel/Glo for tariff and Etisalat for data. None is overall. Do this better.

  2. there is no such thing as a complete poll. think of it this way if you could only use one network which would you pick?

  3. Glo it is! I had a MTN line, when I became tired of their wahala, I had to port to Etisalat (Browsing in my area in ABJ was not pleasant no network at all when I get to Osogbo). No plan to go back to MTN so was the best option, here I am on Glo and it’s been a rewarding decision to be on the Glo Network

  4. Can’t really say which network I’m most satisfied with. Though I’m currently using MTN, I’m very much displeased at some of their services. Etisalat was outstanding when I was their customer but since MTN’s network is more dominant than the others, I guess that’s why I’m still using the wack network. Anyway, MTN it is for now until later…

  5. I think it would help to know roughly which networks work best in which parts of the country. In my village Airtel works best, Glo is a no show, MTN is meh and Etisalat is sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

    Personally I don’t think there’s any one network that is best, just what is best in your location and what you want to use it for.

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