RIM recently announced the delay of their new BlackBerry OS 10 till first quarter of 2013. Of course, that is a bit disappointing. The question,

Poll: Will you wait for BlackBerry OS 10?

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RIM recently announced the delay of their new BlackBerry OS 10 till first quarter of 2013. Of course, that is a bit disappointing. The question, however is, how are you responding to it?

If you are a current BlackBerry user, will you keep using a BlackBerry device till RIM throws out devices running BlackBerry 10 OS or are you jumping ship? If you had been considering getting a BlackBerry device before now, how does this development affect you?

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  1. I don’t have a blackberry but I intend to change the bold 2 I bought for my wife since 2010. Am I qualified to vote? I won’t mind waiting for blackberry 10 next year cos it will be wasteful upgrading to a bb7 device now.

  2. Got the same error message on BlackBerry OS7 browser, Firefox for Android and Chrome for Android. Sigh.

    Taking a look….

  3. Okay guys, I haven’t been able to sort out the errors, but the poll works well on my PlayBook tablet and on Chrome for PC.

  4. I was thinking of getting a BB device before now, not for the BB device itself but for the kind of deal offered to BB users by our GSM operators.

    The delay in the roll out of BB OS 10 makes very little difference to me, but if and when version 10 comes and it is a worthy competitor to Android and the latest Windows Phone OS, I may just give it a serious consideration. And finally if RIM decide to go with either Android or Windows Phone, the better.

  5. I had to return my Blackberry due to a fault and I was gutted. I’m with Harry, BB10 makes no difference to me, I will get the same device again soon – I miss it so.

    I like the idea of sideloading to Blackberry devices, they can’t really go wrong there. Windows Phone and Android, the more the merrier I say. That will make the delay worth it so long as it works well.

  6. Now that I’m a member of the RIMpire, I aint gonna jump ship. I’ll wait patiently till BB10 is released. #teamblackberry for life.

  7. Maybe I will wait for the new OS devices. My BB storm is really pissing me off. Memory issues, screen issues, virtual keypad issues, its really frustrating. I just hope i dont smash it into a wall before i get a replacement.

  8. With the problem on ground delaying BB10 may create more problem for RIM, the expectation was that BB10 will redeemed RIM from their ongoing predicament but by delaying it more and more people would have gone for android or Window 8 so by the time BB 10 is out more people must have lost interest, love BB though but want to try Android too.

  9. I’m not really bothered. OS 7, BB 10 *shrugs*. I primarily bought a bb for data sake. Have downloaded several apk files (gigs worth) with the BB 9700 and I’m just waiting for the android device so I can shove em into its gut.

    Till BB can provide me with an awesome store; apps, GAMES etcetera, all their senior executives can resign and I wouldn’t even notice. So long as they leave the server running.

  10. I will wait for BB 10 os. I was not too impressed with os 7 hence I stuck to my good old Bold 4

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