The most popular smartphones in Nigeria during Q1 2017

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If someone told you that the top two most popular smartphones in Nigeria in 2017 are Blackberry smartphones, you probably would receive the news with disbelief. But that is exactly the news that we have for you. DeviceAtlas has collated statistics based on web traffic from websites that use their service for optimisation and analytics, and they have come up with a list of the top five (5) most popular smartphones in Nigeria in Q1 2017.

The Most popular smartphones in Nigeria during Q1 2017

  1. BlackBerry Q10
  2. BlackBerry Z10
  3. Samsung Galaxy J7
  4. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  5. Infinix Hot Note

The top two smartphones are by BlackBerry, the next two by Samsung, and then the fifth device is by Infinix Mobility.

I suspect that this is not a completely true representation of the picture. Why? For one, DeviceAtlas adoption by webmasters in Nigeria is not very widespread. Google Analytics and StatCounter tend to be more widely used and should throw up slightly different statistics. Still, the above list cannot be totally thrown out the window. It sure makes for interesting discussion.

DeviceAtlas says that in terms of screen size, phablets – especially those with 5.7-inch displays – are the most popular devices in Africa. That is spot on. Rather than buy a smartphone, a tablet and or PC/laptop, many Africans just buy a large screen smartphone as their primary, and sometimes only, computing device. The beauty of convergence. Of course, economic factors are primary in that choice.

According to DeviceAtlas, phablets record significantly more web traffic than they do in Europe. Meanwhile, on the global scale, 5 to 5.1-inch screen size smartphones are the most popular.

most popular smartphones in Nigeria - BlackBerry Q10

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