In the wake of the most recent xenophobioc attacks on Nigerians and other foreigners resident in South African, there have been calls for Nigerians to boycott South African business interests. If you were to port from MTN, which network would you go to?

Vote Now: If you were to port from MTN, which network would you go to?

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In the wake of the most recent xenophobioc attacks on Nigerians and other foreigners resident in South African, there have been calls for Nigerians to boycott South African business interests. If you were to port from MTN, which network would you go to?

In the last few days, the news from South Africa has been very unpalatable, not to mention distressing, for Nigerians. In another wave of xenophobic attacks, foreigners, Nigerians inclusive, have been assaulted and killed. Understandably, this has generated some anger in Nigerians. Part of the anger is from what appears to be the lack of will power on the part of the South African security agencies and government in general to protect Nigerians living in their country.

Shall we sail?

There has been talk about dealing with South Africa once and for all. Some have been amusing (though this subject is no joking matter). For example, there are those who would have the Nigerian Navy sail to the coast of South Africa and show them that we are the “giant of Africa”.

Unfortunately, Nigeria’s ocean-going warships are not going to be able to sail. NNS Aradu, the superb frigate that was once our flagship, is out of commission. NNS Thunder, which replaced it only recently, was inoperable for two years and only just completed repairs last year. To be honest, one doubts the operational state of the old US Navy Coastguard cutter that was transferred to the Nigerian Navy in 2012.

Nigerian naval ship nns thunder

And the operational state of the next line of ships, the navy’s corvettes, is also in doubt. If we are to tell ourselves the truth, Nigeria’s military is in no shape to take on South Africa’s – and one says that as a highly patriotic Nigerian. But the big point is that Nigeria isn’t at war with South Africa, so no warships are sailing down the coast even if we had all the warships in the world.

No looting/reprisals

DStv fullscreen photo - tv apps review

Away from the drums of war, there are those who are agitating for reprisal attacks. And to this group, one says, No. Violence is not the way forward. Already, there are reports that attempts were made on some Shoprite outlets in Lagos. Acts of violence will only make matters worse.

One, these “South African” businesses operating in Nigeria are mostly franchises. Which means that they are owned by Nigerians and run under license of the brand. For example, MTN Nigeria has Nigerian ownership. Beyond ownership, most of the staff at MTN, Shoprite, MultiChoice (Dstv and GOtv), and other South African brands operating in the country are Nigerian.

Any acts of violence against them means that Nigerians bear the brunt of the suffering. And even if this were not the case, violence is still not the way forward. We must resolve our issues via non-violent means. This is an appeal to Nigerians across the length and breadth of the country to refrain from violence. We are pained, yes. But we will not descend to violence.

Will you port?

port from mtn to where?
If you were to port from MTN, where would you go?

Lastly, there are those who argue that boycott actions (even if temporary) against South African businesses operating in Nigeria is one way to force the hand of the South African government to protect Nigerians in their country. Not a bad idea, especially as no violence is involved. One doubts that Nigerians will follow through though.

But that brings us to the point of this blog post. If such a boycott were to happen and you were looking to port from MTN Nigeria, in protest, which network would you move to? Vote. Have your say. Feel free to vent about the xenophobic attacks in South Africa as well. Just don’t preach/incite violence. Any comments inciting violence will be deleted. Let’s keep things civil.

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  1. The present situation in South Africa against other African nationals is a disheartening one. Totally condemnable. It’s a shame this is even happening, looking at our history together, during the apartheid era. Well, it’s natural too forget the past so quickly.

    But then, the whole blame is on the South African government for not doing enough to curtail this issue. And the earlier something, an urgent step is taken, to suppress this uprising, the better for South Africa, in particular. I join my brothers and sisters to say: NO TO #XENOPHOBIA!!!

  2. I would port to Airtel (Nigeria) for data. Not particular about network for calls..

    MTN and Airtel (Nigeria) are in my dual SiM phone anyways .

    9Mobile and GLO have never really cut it for me in terns of data

  3. I don’t have to port because I have all other networks as well, I picked the one that pays me in terms of affordable data plans and good service. I pray to God to guide and protect the rest of the Nigerians remain in South Africa.

  4. The whole xenophobic issue is disheartening, and I strongly urge the Government of both nation to act swiftly before things get out of hand. There have already been report of reprisal from Nigerians which breaks my heart. Because that is not the case way to go.
    In terms of porting of course its Airtel, though I’m going no where, as I practical have all the telcom sims.

  5. I have all the network sims, except 9mobile. But if it ever comes to having to use only one, then it has to be Airtel.

    What is happening in South Africa is really sad, but what is worrisome is that their government is doing nothing about it.

  6. I am “presently” not on the MTN network as I ported out already (not linked to #xenophobic protest though) but I’ve been patrolling their office for about a week now cause I wanted a unique (some will say premium) number. I was inside an MTN Connect office yesterday when it was attacked around 4:30pm by some misguided people that came on bikes. Witnessed a 70+ grandma scaling fence! Really bad.

    We shoot ourselves in the foot with this so called reprisal attacks really. The owner of the Connect store is an MTN partner/dealer and that premises isn’t owned by MTN. That same store was later razed last night.

  7. I presently use GLO and Airtel that I ported to from MTN primarily then because MTN 4G wasn’t available as at that time.

  8. The razing of MTN’s office is sad and unfortunate. Again, people need to be properly oriented: destroying things does no good. I hope that the Nigerian government is able to better secure South African business interests here, same way we are hoping that South Africa’s government will keep our citizens safe over there.

  9. I once ported my main MTN line to Airtel but later went back to my vomit due to delayed or failure to receive transaction OTP via SMS from banks.
    I’m really interested in going back to Airtel, is there a way I can overcome this transaction OTP issue?
    No to Xenophobia

  10. This is simply why I still have an MTN sim and I can’t port to anywhere. I simply can’t shout

  11. If you port to another network, inform your bank. Some of them now have the option in their mobile app to indicate the network your number belongs to.

    I had issue with a particular bank but got it resolved after a long process. I discovered that it was my fault that I did not inform them.

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