The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has made an official statement to the effect that mobile subscribers will not pay for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service

Port your Mobile Number for free from September

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has made an official statement to the effect that mobile subscribers will not pay for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service scheduled to begin in September. I downloaded a copy of the document titled “Nigeria Mobile Number Portability – Business Rules & Port Order Processes – March 2012” today.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the release:

“For the avoidance of doubt, neither the `recipient operator’ nor the `donor operators’ shall be entitled to charge subscribers for requesting to use the porting service or for porting their numbers.

It is my opinion that is is an excellent policy. A disgruntled subscriber should not be made to bear the cost of leaving a service that he already feels cheated by. Again, a date has been fixed (for the penultimate time) for this service to come online. One can only hope that the date is kept to this time.

Mobile number portability means that a subscriber on network A can switch to network D without having to change his/her mobile number.

If interested in all the technical details, download the PDF file.


  1. Very good development, when users start leaving networks for crappy services, they will have no choice but improve on their services or risk loosing users enmass.

  2. Number portability is a very good policy in Nigeria. However, judging from the various takeoff setbacks it has suffered, how certain is the September date? It is good that subscribers can migrate from one network to another at no cost. The network operators are bound to put their systems in good order. One can only pray against takeoff sabotage. God bless Nigeria.

  3. i see mtn doling out a lot of freebies before september.
    yet dont be suprised if nigerians stay stuck with d very bad network.complaining and not taking action.

  4. The days of rip-off looks fully numbered this time.
    I see folks switching over to different carriers severally within a short period.
    Subscribers are going to call the shots, for once!
    Come September, come!

  5. Great news.

    We of course hope this does not go the way of the gas_flaring interminable date_shifts.

    Those phones with quad_sim capability are about to lose SOME of their edge, i think…

  6. unfortunately am afraid that MTN’s jazz is strong enough to get me to stay put,

  7. Mtn jazz ?????? strong reach. I will personally move all members of my family to glo. Mtn is in soup

  8. This is good news.

    But NCC should please work on these operators customer care services, it is so annoying, one always have to wait too long to reach them.

  9. Really nice. I would leave MTHell for good. And I hope to have nothing to do with them any more. Damn MTN. All Hail NCC. All Hail Number portability.

  10. This is good news, but I’m seeing ghana-must-go of Money shifting the date endlessly….

  11. ‘Recharge N5,000 NOW and get N2,500 FREE airtime, 500 FREE SMS & 100Mb FREE Data. Recharge more to get more.’

    Just got this sms from ‘GLO’

    if this is truly from GLO, it would appear Glo has fired the (first?) salvo in the battle for customers’ soul.

    This MNP can only make customers smile like Chesire Cats!

  12. This is one dream that is taking too long to materialize.All well-meaning mobile users should spread the message because I know this is one news the Telcos will downplay.In essence the discussion should transcend the Mobility blog into the schools,market,everywhere.

  13. Guys.., guys…., guys……..
    Let’s not be too excited about this Number Portability thing o! We all know NCC for what they are… “toothless bulldog” Well…, unless they’ve grown teeth that cannot be removed by the Ghana-must-go money bag dental surgery.

    Anyway sha, there’s no single one amongst these operators that can claim to be better than the other. They are all just different shades of of the same colour. Last week, I could bet off my stethoscope on Glo data reliability. Today, Glo 3G data here is worse than MTN’s horrible EDGE. Airtel that was a non starter is now the king of 3G in Sapele today. Nico Mbaga in his song said: “who knows tomorrow?…..????????????”

    You jump from frying pan into the fire changing networks my brethren. =))

  14. The only good news if that we have a choice and that is enough to put all these operators on their toes.

    Errr…., emm……, well, unless they have a trade union where they meet and decide to frustrate us.

  15. @Deoladoctor: nna men you are so on point. Glo has been a hot mess since saturday. The damn network just keeps going on and off and even when on, it just doesn’t respond. My weekly bb subscription will soon expire and all I’m yet to use my 700mb well well.

    Thank God for Etisalat wey dey stable somehow though the speed doesn’t compare to when Glo is behaving a child of God.

  16. I have all the sims of all the networks already. Don’t think i need number portability. I might find myself porting every month…maybe even every week cos they are all birds of thesame feather

  17. Na wa o! September far naa. And that is if I believe NCC. Got a question though, lets say the portability thing happens and a subscriber subscribes for data/BIS with a network whose 3.5G is like 11kbps (the darn thing told me that I require 5days to download a 60mb file) and decides to switch network, would the data connectivity remain as he/she subscribed n paid the required sum to X network n is taking advantage of Network Y awesome data speed but reverts back to X for voice calls?
    ‘Shebi’ you understand what I’m trying to say? so, would it connect?

  18. ha! That major sucks. So the only difference with MP is that I don’t have to swap sims from device to device?? There must be some reasonable benefits? NCC pls sensitize me, I’m a clueless citizen

  19. @zsch
    The only thing number portability allows you to do is retain your number while migrating to a different network. I don’t even think you will be able to retain your credit balance.

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