Positive news!! BlackBerry isn’t as dead as we thought

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

New financial reports are out, and it seems BlackBerry isn’t as dead as we presumed. BlackBerry Ltd, we mean. The company shares reportedly rose by 4.6% after hitting a better-than-expected profit. This also pushes the hopes of reviving their ever shrinking phone business. Revenue also grew by 21%, higher than same period last year. Software sales were the major reasons behind this mini-success.

Maybe BlackBerry isn’t as dead as we thought

We have been predicting BlackBerry OS will be dying soon or that BlackBerry is dead. Honestly, the platform has been dying in parts. We’ve seen the signs. Market share already lies at about 0.1%. Important service providers are ditching the platform. The worst hit – Facebook, happened in March. WhatsApp is set to follow by December.

Priv for Privilege

On the flip side, the launch of Android-powered BlackBerry Priv was one strong leap towards restoration. BlackBerry Ltd. projected to sell 800,000 units to remain profitable, but in reality, about 600,000 were sold. This has cut them short, but software sales has kept them afloat. Let’s hope this continues. It would be sad to see a world dominated only by Android and iOS.


  1. It is already a world dominated by Android and iOS. And these results won’t change the fact that BlackBerry Ltd. is done with BB OS.

    It is good news that the company is recovering, but it isn’t BB OS that is behind that recovery.

  2. Unfortunately it has become a 2 OS race, with others on the fringes whose mainstays are dedicated fans.

    Despite the dying BB OS platform, it seems BlackBerry (like Nokia, HTC et al) aren’t counting themselves out of the smartphone business either.

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