Power Biking: Charge Your Gadgets On The Open Road

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Renegade Commando 2014

I bumped into the website of UM Global, manufacturers of the Renegade range of cruisers. The 223cc Renegade Commando 2014 got my attention with its sleek lines, power and comfort for the road. Yes; I am a fan of motor biking, and there is nothing like a muscled cruiser on the open road. But this article isn’t about that. What inspired this article is that USB charging is being promoted as one of the Commando’s cool features. Yes; USB charging for your mobile devices. It makes sense too. On the open road, there are no wall sockets. Why not be able to charge your smartphone while on those long rides? That is true mobility. The copy reads:

The inclusive USB charging port is capable of charging your mobile devices as well as standard USB products whilst your on the move. Save time and hassle with the comfort of knowing your devices are charged at all times.

Renegade Commando 2014 USB charging

One day, I am going to break the hearts of my parents and my wife by buying a cruiser and ditching cars for my personal transportation. However, the kids will love it! The Renegade Commando 2014 (in black) looks just like what the doctor ordered.

Are you a lover of bikes? Do you own one and does it have USB charging for your convenience? Tell us!


  1. Na, never been on a powerbike, and would never own one of those monsters in this lifetime.

    I have no Need For that kind of Speed, thank you.

    Ever since an Okada threw me into a busy Street (AromireDrive), and was lucky not to be crushed to a pulp (1998), even climbing a rickety Okada now is accompanied by Prayers.

    But, it’s a good thing a Power Bike would include that kind of facility.

    The next frontier is to install air conditioning on/in them. Yeah!

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