Pre-orders have started for the Android BlackBerry Priv

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The wait is almost over. For those of us clamoring to own the latest phone from BlackBerry, worry no more. The Blackberry Priv is officially up for pre-orders in the US Canada and the UK. The prices for each of these places came out differently.

BlackBerry Priv showcase

  • For the US, price is $699 (~N140,000).
  • For UK, price is £599 (~N183,000).
  • For Canada, price is $899 (~N136,000).

We all know that this might be BlackBerry’s last attempt to selling smartphones before fully ditching it. Then the price is this high. On the other hand, this phone comes with lots of unique features the typical Android device cannot boast of. So far, only the GSM variant of this phone is available for the pre-order.

The BlackBerry Priv starts shipping November 6th for US and Canada, November 9 for users in the U.K

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  1. Way too expensive.. Do they think people pluck money from trees? Price at per with apple but fan base a far cry from apple’s

  2. Well. Thinking of the security and features it boast of. I think its a good price for its targeted market

  3. That’s Blackberry for you,always doing an HTC and then turns round and complain nobody buys their devices..

  4. Lol. BlackBerry have been doing this from time. Even some of their os7 phones are not selling cheap

  5. if you consider the pricing of other security focused Android devices like the Turing Phone and the BlackPhone, it’s really not so expensive

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