If you have been following news of the BlackBerry PRIV here on MobilityAren.com, you may already know that the upcoming smartphone comes pre-loaded with DTEK,

PRIV: Here is how DTEK by BlackBerry protects your privacy

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If you have been following news of the BlackBerry PRIV here on MobilityAren.com, you may already know that the upcoming smartphone comes pre-loaded with DTEK, an app by BlackBerry. Just last week, I gave a hint as to what it does – and it turns out I was right.

BlackBerry has released official info on DTEK and say that the app is designed to help you manage and protect your privacy with ease by automatically monitoring apps and processes in real time to see what information they are pulling from your device. Sounds good.

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DTEK Monitors
It tracks your applications to see whether they take pictures or videos without your knowledge, turn your microphone on, send a text message, access your contacts or location, and how often and for how long.

DTEK Alerts
The pp alerts you when an app accesses sensitive functionality or personal info, DTEK alerts you. You can configure how alerts work – setup individual alerts, turn off alerts for certain apps, etc.

DTEK Offers Control
based on the security setup on your PRIV, DTEK will give it a security rating. If the rating is low, DTEK can help you activate a screen lock, scan for security threats on the device and you can choose to disable unknown sources, as well as enable Factory Reset Protection. That last one is described in details this way:

If your PRIV is ever stolen, one of the first things the thief will want to do is to reset it to Factory settings in order to remove the screen lock. Factory Reset Protection ensures that the thief cannot reset the device without your Google account information. This is both an effective theft deterrent and a great way to make sure that your data isn’t accidentally wiped by someone using your device.

All of the above are good. But I am left with a feeling of disappointed. There is no mention of the ability to block an app from a detected intrusion. So, let’s say DTEK alerts me that an app is secretly activating the microphone on my PRIV i.e. most likely, my device has been bugged, DTEK doesn’t have the ability to let me block that intrusion. All that DTEK does is monitor and alert me. That’s like alerting me that someone is stealing money from my bank account, with no way to stop the intruder short of shutting down the account.

Maybe I am reaching too far. After all, I can uninstall the intruding app. But it sure would be nice to have controls that allow me block this app or that from access this feature or that on the phone while I keep it running.

Your thoughts?


  1. I guess it was rumored that the new android Os will be having more apps’ access monitoring. If Priv will be running the latest android, I guess it will also enjoy more apps permission setting

  2. Hoping to see this feature implemented natively on Android in the nearest future,it needs all the security features it can get..

  3. We await the launch of this device to even see how it truly works.

    Though I believe the issue with mainstream android will still manifest, whether by BlackBerry or not

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