Android Marshmallow is here, and many users are already getting notifications to update. We’ve received lots of complaints from users after updating – mostly Infinix

The problem of Android Marshamallow and your MicroSD card

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Android Marshmallow is here, and many users are already getting notifications to update. We’ve received lots of complaints from users after updating – mostly Infinix Hot 2 users, and the main problem has been the micro SD card. You see, Google introduced a new feature on Android 6.0 called “Adoptable Storage”. This is the chief cause of the problems you’ve been experiencing. So I’ll break it down subsequently.


Android Marshmallow was designed to work with only one storage location. This means you can only choose either the internal storage or your Micro SD card. When you pick your SD card as internal storage, the SD card becomes the “new” internal storage.

All your app data and game data will work after you format your SD card as internal storage. One catch though, your SD card won’t be as fast, or reliable as the internal memory.

In Conclusion:

  • This way, your SD card is much more secure.
  • Internal storage isn’t usable for music, photos, and videos.
  • Your SD card won’t work on other devices until reformatted.
  • SD cards are always slower than internal memory when used as primary storage.
  • If your SD card ever corrupts (after using it as internal storage), it won’t be pretty.

Finally, if you have lots of internal storage (more than 8 GB), then it’s best to use it as internal storage. However, if you have 8 GB or less of internal storage, adopting an SD card is a better option for easily expanding the storage size of your phone.


  1. Neither here nor there…I think its an unnecessary feature since the speed of SD card can’t come compared to internal storage.

    Whoever suggested to them to add this?

  2. hi, my phone can no longer send files to laptops through a USB cord. The icon dat usually displayed for me to choose from I.e either charging only or charging and media device is no longer popping up when I fit my USB cord. What do I do. Someone should please me, I really need to send some files to my laptop.

  3. Infinix new upgrade is totally a mess, I am honestly disappointed with the level mediocrity showcased in its access. Honestly I feel like dropping off my phone cause life has been so difficult since I upgraded same. The author of the above article has not provided reasonable answers for our questions. The software engineers made a terrible mistake and I opine they should pay damages cause it’s really costing me alot. Lots of infinix hot 2 users were aggressively compiled by their phones to upgraded and now we can’t access our phones via PCs. What a shame.

  4. Hello Okezie, when you plug in your phone to laptop. An option displays for you to choose the option you want: Charging only, Transfer files (MTP),Transfer photos (PTP) or MIDI. Choose the MTP option and ride along

  5. please my infinix hot note 2 did not come on. i removed my sd card and the rebooted my phone but it does not come up. need urgent assistance. thanks

  6. Please someone should help me, my infinix Hot2 ( 2g RAM) doesn’t take pictures without Memory Card, I have also downloaded Es File Explorer thinking that it will help but it couldn’t,but I can view images/videos/files that I downloaded to my devices via Es File Explorer. This morning ( 10/10/2016) I noticed that I can’t download images/files sent to me via WhatsApp to my device without Memory card inserted, but I have more than enough space on my device storage but I can save WhatsApp profile pictures to my device storage ( it’s confusing ).And the reason why I want to stop using memory card on my phone is that, it always Corrupt my files ,some times ,the memory card will be inserted but I couldn’t use my camera and the response will be ” I should insert memory card before using the camera” while there’s memory card already. And ones it happens, i can only use the camera if I restart the phone OR the the phone will ask me to format the memory card,that it’s Corrupt.
    Does it mean that Infinix hot2 (2G RAM) doesn’t work without Memory card ?
    Please help me !

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