Project Alloy: Intel announces the next set of VR headsets

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Intel has just announced the next best VR headset yet. So what’s special with this one? The name is Project Alloy, an all-in-one VR headset that doesn’t need to be connected to a phone or computer. It’s completely wireless, with its own processor and battery. Alloy combines Intel’s Real Sense motion tracking system, which uses cameras and sensors to map the world around you and track your hands. It combines both VR and augmented reality into one single close-knit experience.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said,

“Anyone can take Alloy hardware, combine it with Windows Holographic, and build a world-class VR system,”

There are doubts as to how the hardware can power VR graphics, and then heat dissipation concerns. Intel will release the Alloy hardware and provide open APIs for the ecosystem. This will allow developers and partners to create their own branded products from the Alloy template.



  1. It is better than Oculus Rift, because there’s no need for external connections. Let’s hope they keep their word when it is released

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