What is Project Tango and why should you be excited?

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One of the major highlights of the CES 2016 was the announcement of the latest development on Google’s Project Tango. Google announced a partnership with Lenovo to make the very first consumer ready product based on the Tango concept. This upcoming device is slated to be released by June or July this year. So what the heck is this Project Tango? Why should we be excited?

lenovo - project tango phone

Project Tango is a project pioneered by Google, based on mapping the environment in 3D imaging . A device using this technology has extra sensors and cameras for viewing in 3D. A combination of 3 cameras : a regular camera, an integrated depth sensing camera and a motion tracking camera. Can you beat that? 😀

By adding a few extra sensors and some computer vision software, Project Tango transforms your smartphone into a magic lens that lets you place digital information on your physical world.

By leveraging on this technology, so much can be done, like:

  • Measuring a a room in 3D.
  • Recognizing places the phone has been before.
  • Adding a layer of augmented reality on the screen.
  • Tracking your movement through indoor spaces like shopping malls etc.

Best of all,this 3D space mapping is done in real time 😎 Imagine taking selfies in 3D. A device that can learn its positions and surroundings using sensors in real time, telling you the exact shape of objects around you. It can even help you suggest where a new piece of furniture should fit in virtually at home.
The upcoming device is said to be less than 6.5 inches in size, and it may cost around $500. Google is encouraging developers to work around the concept. Already there’s a competition ongoing, allowing developers to submit their apps. You can apply HERE. There are some really cool apps featured on Google Play Store supporting Project Tango. You can also check it out HERE. What’s your take on this? Yay or Nay?


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