Project Volta boosts battery life on Android Lollipop devices

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Project Volta

Project Volta is the name for a group of optimisations introduced in Android Lollipop to help users get better battery performance out of their smartphones. These optimisations include:

  1. Battery Historian: this presents the user with a visualisation of how apps consume power, so that appropriate action can be taken.
  2. Power Saver mode: this cuts down power consumption by slowing down the processor, killing unnecessary processes, and cutting down on background data.
  3. JobScheduler: app developers can use this to develop “intelligent” apps that run less important tasks during more battery-friendly periods, such as when your phone is being charged. Note that developers will have to optimise existing apps to take advantage of this feature.

Have you updated your Android smartphone to Lollipop? If so, what is the battery life like? Noticed any improvements?

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