Protect your property and loved ones with iKon Tracker

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Being innovative requires being able to analyze one’s environment, realizing its problems, and being able to find solutions to such problems. A Nigerian group, ByeAndBye Tech have come up with a method for securing our property and loved ones in the form of iKon Tracker.

iKon (2)

iKon Tracker is a portable device or chip that comes with a mobile app. The chip and the app works hand in hand to prevent theft and kidnapping. How does it achieve this?

iKon Chip

The chip must be attached to the belonging or child then using live tracking from the mobile app, you can know where your child or belonging is.

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It also has a feature called Geo Fencing. With this you set a boundary or perimeter within which your subject can roam, Once they leave the boundary, you get alerted, from then you can take action.

Perhaps iKon Tracker can minimize or solve the problems of theft and kidnapping in Nigeria. What if one of the Chibok girls had the iKon chip? who knows they might have been tracked more efficiently.


  1. According to their indiegogo page, you get an iKon chip with a $20 donation, an “iKon chip and locate your belongings” – belongings? – for a $25 donation.

    For a $45 donation you get “2 iKon chips and free access to iKon app”.

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