Proudly Mobility blog member badge & branded accessories

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Proud Mobility blog Member

By popular demand, we present you a “Proud Mobility blog member” badge for use as your avatar, display pictures and on your websites/blogs, if it so pleases you.

Here is the 210×210 pixel image for your use: Download.

This is a labour of love from one very proud member, and someone that I am proud of, Wale Famuyide.

This is also a good occasion to let you know that Mobility branded phone accessories are on the way – original batteries, chargers and cases. The Store will go live with these items shortly and you will be able to make your purchases and have them delivered to you.

  1. Mr Mo has drawn the first blood. To follow: Mobility blog members to get discounts on mobile devices, hotel accommodation, airline tickets, movie tickets and shopping mall purchases. Nice one, keep them coming.

  2. Guys, I have added a download link for a 210×210 version of the badge. The full image displayed in the post is quite large 2100×2100 pixels.

    Do use the 210×210 download link. Thanks.

    Hat tip to Karmawa for the labour of love.

  3. These are the kind of incentives i’ve been hoping for.

    I’ve been waiting to put something like this on my blog for a long time now.

    Thumbs up to the Mobility Team! 🙂

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