The Nokia 808 PureView arrived yesterday, and I have been busy with it. Very busy! I took it out for a spin yesterday evening and

PureView Photo Gallery: Leaves in Bokeh

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The Nokia 808 PureView arrived yesterday, and I have been busy with it. Very busy! I took it out for a spin yesterday evening and did an extensive photo shoot against the HTC One X. I have been a photography enthusiast for as long as I can remember, because it is a hobby that I picked up from dad. My kids keep saying that I “snap” everything. They find it amusing. I grew up watching my own father snap almost everuthing too, though I believe that I am taking it to a different scale to what he did.

Of course, dad didn’t have the privilege of having a cameraphone on him everytime. When you love photography and you have a capable cameraphone in hand, snapping everything becomes second nature. Dad never dreamt of a beast like the Nokia 808 PureView. The one evening that I spent with the PureView was nothing short of beautiful. I must say that the 808 is a joy to use as a camera. Easy controls. Stunning shots.

I am still busy putting up a gallery of the pictures taken yesterday, but in the meantime, here is a sample. In this shot, the 808 has produced what is known as the Bokeh effect. That’s the term for an effect in portraits or close-ups to draw your attention to a specific portion of the image and blur out other areas.

In this shot, the focus is on the leaves in the foreground and you can see how detailed and well rendered they are. The background is blurred out. This is not a post-production effect. This is the untouched image that the PureView shot, apart from resizing it for this page.

Leaves in Bokeh

What do you think? Oh, and can anyone tell me the location of this shot?


  1. Hehehe, that is Nokia for you. I want that beastly 41mp on Lumia and Elop will have all my money

  2. Depending on your needs in a mobile phone. I run a photo lab thus know that a mobile phone will never rival a dslr camera because of its limitation of a powerful flash.

  3. The Nokia Pure View Technology is just the latest among several new innovations that Nokia is bringing to the market. Nokia has always been known to have great camera technology on their phones. Their joint ventures with Carl Zeiss optics is a great testament to what they can achieve. With great prducts like this and the upcoming launch of the Windows 8 Mobile OS, Nokia is setting the tone for a well deserved comeback.

  4. The Nokia pureview 808 would have been a hit if it ran a windows phone 8. I tested the windows store using a Lumia 800 and it’s fine with solid display. The only limitation now is in number of softwares.

  5. Good daylight shot from PureView 808, but not necessarily out-of-this- world stuff. And like Emmanuel the photographer said, no camera phone, no matter how many megapixels-packed, can rival a conventional camera. By the way, if I must buy a camera-centric phone like PureView 808, it must have some other icings on the cake. Truth is, PureView 808 lets down in smartphone capabilities. Apart from basic functions like voice call and sms, why would I buy the ugly, bulky PureView 808 just for camera beauty, when a conventional camera would do far better and cost same or less?

  6. I am an Android buff, but would still give the crown of finest camera beauty on phone to iPhone. The crisp, razor-sharp, beautiful, life-like shots I see on iPhone makes me green with envy that no Android phone has got the game in that area. Anyway, if Nokia can slam that 41-Megapixel PureView technology on a real Lumia smartphone, it could be their salvation and exaltation.

  7. Nice pic. Reminds me of one I took recently while trying out a Nikon Bridge camera.

    And no, I can’t guess the place it was taken except for it’s not in my neighbourhood 😀

  8. Noni,

    Splendid. That’s the beauty of the 808. For the first time, a cameraphone’s results go head-to-head with results from SLR and Bridge cameras.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that the above shot is a 5MP resolution in PureView Mode.

    Hmmm. If you are in Lagos, perhaps we can hangout and do a shoot out pitting a number of cameraphpne – 808, iPhone 5, One X and Galaxy S III – against your Nikon? *wink*

  9. Baoku,

    Out of this world stuff or not, please pull out any other cameraphone on the planet and take a shot that produces the Bokeh effect.

    Lets try that for starters. Then we can move on to other capabilities that put the 808 head and shoulder above others.

  10. Baoku,

    And No; Emmanuel Idoko did not say that no cameraphone can rival a conventional camera. You are misquoting him. He specifically said a DSLR. He knows what he said.

    The 808 has been demonstrated to best a range of conventional cameras. There are different ranges of cameras – DSLR/SLR, Bridge, and Point-and-shoot, for example.

    So, comparable in results to DSLRs? No. But others? This guy is good. It may not be for you, but its bad taste to make it sound like the Nokia 808 is no big deal. Everyone who underatnds camera technology and who has used one has raved about it. It is groundbreaking stuff, kind sir.

  11. The pureview has the best camera on any smartphone as far I’m concerned. Only that i will rather buy several other smartphones at its price points than buy the pureview. It just doesn’t bring enough to the table.

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