It isn’t everyday that one gets the opportunity to have two PureView branded cameraphones at hand. Well, I have had both the Nokia 808 PureView

PureView Showdown: Nokia 808 Versus Nokia Lumia 920 Photo Comparison

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It isn’t everyday that one gets the opportunity to have two PureView branded cameraphones at hand. Well, I have had both the Nokia 808 PureView and the Nokia Lumia 920 together with me for a week, and I have generally carried them about together. Trust me to pit them against one another. I will let the images do most of the talking.

The pictures below have not been edited in any way other than to resize them to fit the page and crop to indicate details. I set the resolution of the 808 to 8 megapixel in PureView mode. The idea was to put the “PureView’ capabilities of both devices to test. So, all original shots are in 8 megapixel resolution. Note that “PureView” in these two devices differ. On the 808, it is about greater details. On the 920, it is about low-light capabilities. How do they perform? Let’s find out!

In all shots below, the Lumia 920 photos are above, while the 808 PureView photos are below.

Landscape shot of City Mall, Ikeja car park and main building
Cropped section of building at Ikeja City Mall
Indoors shot with flash. Afternoon.
Cropped section of the above indoor shot. The 808 (lower) shows its superb resolution strength here.
Here’s another indoor shot taken with flash active on both devices
A close-up shot with focus on the printed text
Cropping into the above shots show the 808’s superior resolution at work again.
In this scene, no flash is used. trust me when I say that it was really night time and as dark as reproduced in the lower picture taken by the 808. Heaven knows where the 920 got all that light from!!!!
Inside a cinema hall. The hall is in near total darkness. Again, the Lumia 920 squeezes light out of thin air. In reality, the lower shot from the 808 represents actual lighting conditions in the hall.

Colour Reproduction

The two camera heavyweights clearly render colours differently. The Lumia 920 produces warmer and more vibrant colours, though many times those colours are not as accurate as what the 808 produces.

Resolved Details

As mentioned earlier, the 808 was set to shoot in 8 megapixel mode, and it clearly wins with regards to resolved details.

Low-light (No flash)

In low-light situations in which flash is not deployed, the 920’s performance is just pure magic. While the stunning artificially-lighted images do not represent what the eyes see, I can think of one or more situations in which I would love to have that sort of magic handy. Rewind back to my secondary school days when certain couples would be found making out in dark corners…. Yes; that sort of thing.

Low-light (With flash)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any images testing this out yet. Perhaps in a second part to this article before I have to send back the 920 this Friday.

Your Preference?

Which of the two cameras is your preference? In my opinion, the Nokia 808 PureView is by far the better camera phone, and is beaten by the Lumia 920 only in low-light situations.


  1. I thought the last time i read anything about magic was with the Harry Porter series. But no no no…how dis Lumia does it i do not know. All hail the Lumia 920! Though i prefer the images produced by the 808, would still go to a nokia store, pick the 920 over the 808 and go home merrily.

  2. Certainly, the Nokia 808 PureView is better in reproducing details but I prefer the Lumia 920 for its performance in low light situations.

  3. I’ve read a lot of camera reviews of the 920 but its nice to see shots taken in a Naija setting. In my view, the 920 was not designed to compete with the 808. The 808 is a Beast in its own standalone category. No phone even attempts to come close in all round picture quality (though the N8 deserves a mention).

    What i would really like to see is a 920 vs Iphone5 shoot-out. The Optical Image Stabilization technology of the 920 versus the Digital Image Stabilization of the Iphone5.

  4. The Lumia 920 for its ‘glow in the dark’ ability. Its amazing. I’ve come across several oonnline reviews blasting and spitting venom on the Lumia for its ‘false rendition’ of images. I say balderdash.

    Note: I’m not a camera enthusiast. Just give me an accurate (read hotter) image of myself or surrounding…..and the 920 kicks the 808 booty

  5. This is one camparism i ‘ve be waiting for.Clearly it is not hear se that 808 has won in camera department for which it was made.I am not a camera freak though,but i do like and appreciates nice pics alot when i see one.Most us will say no i dont give a Danm about camera but when we see nice pics on social media pages or sites we are like WOW! What do you think made them look that way if not better camera?! Imagine if 808 camera can be deployed onto L920 as nokia made us to believe before now or better still on an android phone like SGS3. As bad as symbian may now seems,it do have its superiority in other aspects one of which is this.Remember in retrospect,the legendary n95,n82,n8…which are still forces to reckon with thanks to dying symbian.

  6. The only shining star for the lumia is low light shots, it seems, with 808 trumping it out in every other aspects. Now if only i can afford to have both at the same time…

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