We put the Lenovo A6000 to the 4G test

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The Lenovo A6000 is a black beauty that we have reviewed (Lenovo A6000 review: Beauty in Austerity). And it is a 4G/LTE smartphone too. True to our ways here at MobilityArena.com, we put it to the 4G test.

Our 4G test is simply meant to identify which of the available 4G service providers the smartphone works with. Unfortunately, for now, only Smile 4G is available for the test. Swift says their SIM cards only work with SWIFT modems. Bummer. Spectranet insists that their SIM card works with only Huawei Mate 7 for now. We are convinced this is untrue. Chances are that there are many other smartphones that Spectranet’s SIM works with. Perhaps they have a deal to market the Mate 7. Long story cut short, we have been unable to get our hands on a Spectranet SIM because they require us to purchase a modem/mifi with it. Too bad.

So, no SWIFT SIM, and no Spectranet SIM. Ultimately, we are left with Smile 4G, which runs on LTE-800 (20 band).

So, we put a Smile 4G SIM in the A6000 and tweaked all the settings. Here is what happened:

Yes; no signal. The A6000 clearly does not support Smile’s frequency, so if you were looking to use the two together, you have to come up with an alternative plan.


  1. Lols it is better we stop bordering ourself with all dis new companies smartphones I only know of 1 company which knows the heart of Nigeria…

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