It is a 4.5 inch HD screen (960 x 540 pixel) Android Jellybean 4.2 smartphone powered by a 1.2GHz Quad Core MT6589 processor and PowerVR

Quad Core Processor Android smartphone for N30,000 only

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ThL W100

It is a 4.5 inch HD screen (960 x 540 pixel) Android Jellybean 4.2 smartphone powered by a 1.2GHz Quad Core MT6589 processor and PowerVR SGX 544M GPU. And it costs just N27,0000 (170.00 USD). Unbelievable; right? My same initial reaction. Here are the rest of the specs:

– 1GB of RAM,
– 4GB of internal memory,
– Up to 32GB External Memory Card Slot,
– Bluetooth, Portable Wi-Fi Hot Spot, GPS, Wi Fi,
– 8 Megapixel Rear Camera + 5 Megapixel Front-Facing Camera,
– 1500Mah Battery

We are looking at top specifications here – mostly. Note also that the front-facing camera is a 5 megapixel unit. Hmmm….

The name of this smartphone? ThL W100. Who ThL is? I have no idea too, save that it is a Chinese brand. Will we ever see it here in Nigeria? Again, I have no idea. I do find the device and its pricing very intriguing. If you want one, you can place your order from here.



  1. Mr. Mo i’m suprised you’re just discovering them well maybe not too much, you see i’m the kind of person that like’s uncharted territories especially in tech stuff. so while every one is looking at the Htc the Samsung the Sony and LG, I’m looking at the chinese brands that cost less than half the price of the flagship phones of the brands mention above and in some cases have better specs here are a couple Jaiyu G1, G2 G3, G4 G2S G37 Newman N1, N2 Umi X1, X2, Thl W series, Zopo Series Oppo Find, Zte, Huawei and Many Others. Problem is most of them aint available in nigeria have to order the online

  2. Tecno has laid a commendable sound base in Nigeria. Gone are the days of the Chinese brand tagging. You need to see the recent line up of Tecno phones and you’d be amazed at how well they have done in transforming the brand.

    The likes of Samsung, HTC, etc can go to sleep for all I care while play with my new toy, the Tecno N7. From the look of things, it’s Tecno all the way for me!

  3. Kudos to Tecno but looks like they will be having a major competitor very soon. Poor guys… They had better start putting some innovations in upcoming devices.
    Nokia? Remember Nokia?

    Let the battle begin! *crosses leg*

  4. Why go for branding when you can get same smartphone for less price? but my fear in ordering such products is the problem of hardware availability. One might end up dumping his smartphone because he can’t find a replacement for a damaged screen or the like.

  5. Sorry to ask but what’s the catch? Why it so cheap?

    Expected this to be the first question. I bet the SAR rating would be astronomical and capable of frying an egg….or scrambling a Brain.

    If the selling price is N30k, was the cost price between 10-25K?

    On the other hand, the BB Z10 was allegedly brought to life at a cost of N26,000/unit (cost about 93k in the market now) so its plausible though THL whats-its-name would almost certainly not be as sturdy as a Z10

  6. WITH Nanotechnology and Ant clone production precision in China cell phone components are so cheap, if you know, you will drive away Tecno for cheating Nigerians, even as we praise their cheap phones

  7. while we marvel at this incredible price/spex combination, we will do well to know there could be safety implications.

    Is the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) on top of its statutory function of ensuring standards?

    Are they really conducting tests, on ongoing bases, to determine quality (e.g, SARS level)?

    I hope it is NOT the case of things exchanging hands, insert the table, to get product certification from relevant Authorities.?


  8. I am tempted to buy this phone, but don’t know how i will order it online, I have tried it using my naira master card but i wasn’t successful.

  9. Tijjani,

    I have no idea how to buy it either. I only brought attention to the apparent value for money that it represents. You might need to contact the manufacturers.

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