This security flaw affects 900 million phones and tablets

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Today, I ran a scan of my smartphone for a set of four vulnerabilities that Check Point says affects 900 million Android smartphones and tablets. That is a whole lot of devices. The scan returned assuring news – that my device is not affected by the vulnerabilities. No surprise there. Check Point’s mobile threat research team says what they call QuadRooter affects only devices that use a that use Qualcomm® chipsets. My smartphone uses a Mediatek chip.

QuadRooter Scanner

But some of the most popular smartphones in the world are all at risk of QuadRooter, from Samsung’s Galaxy devices to devices that manufacturers like BlackBerry and BlackPhone claim are the most secure Android smartphones in the world.

How Bad is QuadRooter?

QuadRooter is a set of four vulnerabilities affecting Android devices built using Qualcomm chipsets. According to Check Point, “if any one of the four vulnerabilities is exploited, an attacker can trigger privilege escalations for the purpose of gaining root access to a device”. This level of access could also provide an attacker with the ability to log keys, track the device, as well as record video and audio.

What Can You Do?

You can download QuadRooter Scanner to scan your device for QuadRooter vulnerabilities. Even if the scanner finds the vulnerabilities on your device, there isn’t much you can do apart from standard security measures. Beyond that, you have to wait for Google to fix these vulnerabilities. And we hear they are working on a fix already.


  1. I think this whole thing was blown waaaayyyy out of proportion. Some software security company comes from nowhere and tells you 900 million devices are fair game to hackers because of a flaw on the level of the chipset? And they coincidentally and conveniently come up with an app that…..oh, yes! asserts that your device has said flaw? C’mon, people!

  2. Emmanuel,

    These vulnerabilities were unveiled at a leading global event attended by over 20,000 of the world’s top computer hackers and security experts. Blown out of proportion? Some security company out of nowhere?


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