Quantum Moves is a game that helps scientists build a quantum computer

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There are games you play to kill time. Also, there are games played to relieve tension, entertain ourselves and to make friends. However, not many of these games are played to help build a quantum computer. Or at least, there are not many games that claim to do that. Quantum Moves is one such game. It doubles as a quantum physics experiment to help scientists develop next-generation algorithms for future quantum computers.

The game is somewhat simple. All you need to do is master the game’s sole puzzle. In this puzzle, you guide a liquid that spills if you move too fast. The aim is to move the liquid across the screen as fast as possible while spilling as little as possible. This is important, because the researchers behind this game are studying the best players’ strategies, and using it to develop methods to program quantum computers to adapt to the same physics.Quantum Moves

Since Quantum Moves was first released, it has been played over 8 million times by about 150,000 players worldwide. Computer algorithms struggle to find fast solutions to the challenges posed in the game, while humans have performed excellently. Thus, while playing Quantum Moves, the researchers discovered solutions that did not exist before, and also proved that perfect solutions can be found even with very stringent time limits.

The result of this human-computer cooperative effort showed that when humans and computers worked together, they are more powerful than when they work separately. Humans do not even need to be experts of the scientific field for this to work. Rather, it is beneficial to introduce the science problems to the layman, who might have a new perspective on the problem. That is exactly what Quantum Moves set out to achieve.

The main attraction of Quantum Moves is that it helps the layperson join in on a momentous scientific endeavor. Therefore, it should interest a lot of people. It is also quite fun to play.

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