I got up this morning to do my usual audit of goings-on on MobilityArena and observed a comment left by someone on our TECNO Phantom

Quick Charging: Apple vs Samsung vs Nokia vs TECNO

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I got up this morning to do my usual audit of goings-on on MobilityArena and observed a comment left by someone on our TECNO Phantom 8 specs page. It reads: “1 hour and 10 minutes to charge a 3500 mah battery is light speed? Stupid marketing jargon.” Immediately, I got wondering about it. Perhaps TECNO was really bull-shitting consumers about the phone’s quick charging technology. Marketing can be an ass, after-all.


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So, I decided to do a comparison of how fast quick charging happens on a few well known smartphones. I picked out the following:

  1. Apple X
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8
  3. Nokia 8
  4. TECNO Phantom 8

This was going to be fun!


All of the above smartphones have quick charging technology built-in, though for marketing purposes they are called by different names. Samsung calls theirs Adaptive Fast Charging. TECNO uses the term, Light Speed Charge. Whatever they are called, they are all quick charging technology.


We fished out the battery and fast charge figures provided by each manufacturer and put them up in a table, like this:

Apple iPhone X Samsung Galaxy S8 Nokia 8 TECNO Phantom 8
2716 mAh: 50% in 30 min 3000 mAh: 50% in 30 min 3090 mAh: 0-48% in 30 mins 3500 mAh: 0-100% in 70 mins

The way quick charging works is that the phone charges at super-fast speed for the initial specified period, then slows down for the other half of the charging process. So a phone that charges fast from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes slows down after the 50% mark all the way to 100%. The initial 50% is when the really fast charging happens.


The Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Nokia 8 all go from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes, meaning that each of them will fill up in over 60 minutes. Some Samsung S8 users have reported getting a full charge in 1 hour 40 minutes. The Phantom 8 has a bigger battery than all the other smartphones in this comparison test and will get fully topped up in 1 hour 10 minutes.


I don’t see the marketing jargon there. Sounds like a good deal, if you ask me. Actually, it is the best quick charging deal of the lot.

What happens Without Quick Charging?

To put things in context, without quick charging, the Freetel ICE 2 gains just 12% charge in 20 minutes, and that is despite the fact that its battery is a small 1350 mAh unit. Life without fast charging is hard.


Without fast charging, phones like the iPhone X, Galaxy S8, Nokia 8, and Phantom 8 would take three hours and above to fill up from empty. Serious pain.


More About Quick Charging and Chargers

If you are interested in learning more about quick charging and chargers, as well as the different quick charging technologies, do read up our article: Quick Chargers: All Your Questions Answered.

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