If you have questions about how to qualify for and use GTBank’s Quick Credit loan service, we have the answers you need right here in plain English. Whether you are a salary earner or self-employed, you can get a loan quick and easy.

Quick Credit: How to qualify and apply for a loan successfully

If you have questions about how to qualify for and use GTBank’s Quick Credit loan service, we have the answers you need right here in plain English. Whether you are a salary earner or self-employed, you can get a loan quick and easy.


After my review of GTBank’s Quick Credit service, I got some feedback. While a number of people were able to use it successfully, I also got some feedback from a few self-employed people and small business owners who tried the service but were told they were not eligible. And they had questions for me.

In summary, they wanted to know what the requirements are for self-employed and business owners. Were they required to do something special to be recognised by the system? So, we have put together answers to some of the key questions being asked about Quick Credit’s loan service.


quick credit dial *737*51*51#

Question One: Do I need to have a business account with Guaranty Trust Bank or is my personal account adequate?

Quick Credit is a product designed for individuals (personal bank accounts) and not business accounts. As such, all you need to use it is your individual/personal GTBank account.


Question Two: If I need to have a business account, do I also have to a personal account?

Not necessarily. As stated in the answer to question one above, Quick Credit requires only your personal salary account. A business account is not needed at all.

Question Three: Wat else do I need to do for the system to recognise me as a self-employed/business owner and approve of my loan application?

The Quick Credit systems looks at your personal account’s turnover and current balance. As such, you need to have a healthy turnover and monthly activity on the account for your loan application to go through successfully.

Lastly, you need to have received monthly payments from the same employer for at least three consecutive months.

quick credit - get a loan in 5 minutes in nigeria

Big Tip for self-employed or small business owners with a GTBank business account

If you take all of the above answers to mind, here is what self-employed or small busines owners with a business account with Guaranty Trust Bank need to do: if you have not been paying yourself a salary from your business account, you need to start right now.

Besides the fact that doing this will give your personal account regular activity, it is also good business practice. Don’t just spend from your business account: pay your salary into your personal account on a monthly (or weekly) basis, so there is activity on the account.

Whether you are a salary earner or a small business owner, the principle is the same: the greater the volume of transactions that happen on your personal bank account, the better your chances of getting your Quick Credit loan approved.

Here is how to apply for a Quick Credit loan

Quick Credit: Answers to some of your questions


As already stated, Quick Credit is attached to your personal GTBank account, so you need the phone number attached to that account.

On that line, dial *737*51*51# and follow the prompt. Once your loan application is aproved, your bank account gets credited within a few minutes. Don’t forget that the loan repayment is automated. As such, keep your account funded.

Also, if you prefer, you can apply for a loan via GTBank’s Internet banking platform or mobile app. The advantage of using the shortcode is that you do not need to have Internet access or a smartphone to use that. You can use it anywhere there is GSM signal on your line.

That’s it: now you have all the information that you need to use Quick Credit, regardless of whether you are a business owner or salary earner.

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