Quick Facts about Bitflux, winner of the 2.3 GHz spectrum auction

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Recently, an entity called Bitflux won the 2.3GHz spectrum license auction to provide wholesale wireless broadband in Nigeria, beating Globacom to the prize. We thought some of our readers would be interested in a few facts about the relatively unknown Bitflux Communications Limited:

1. Bitflux Communications is a consortium set up to bid for the spectrum license.

2. VDT Communications Limited, with a 15-year history and corporate head office in Ikoyi is the leading member of the Bitflux consortium. Other members of the consortium are Bitcom Systems Ltd and Superflux International Ltd.

3. VDT Communications Limited provides Digital leased Circuits, wireless services, and corporate internet services with a footprint across Nigeria.

Will Bitflux meet the 14-day deadline to pay the $23. 25million that it bid for the license? Failure to comply by Bitflux will result in the offer reverting to Globacom.

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