I have had a couple of hours exploring BBM for Android, and I am convinced that this is the instant messaging app to beat. Here

Quick Review: BBM for Android

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I have had a couple of hours exploring BBM for Android, and I am convinced that this is the instant messaging app to beat. Here is a quick review with tips and information for your benefit.


After downloading and launching the app, you are presented with a login screen with the option to create a BlackBerry ID if you have never used the service before. The option to recover/rest your password is available if you have forgotten it. Once logged in to the app, you are presented with your PIN. This is what you give out to contacts that you want to connect with on BBM. It is unique to you and can be used on BBM on any platform, be it BlackBerry, Android or iOS.


On first login, if your PIN is new, you will have no contacts waiting for you. You add/invite contacts by entering their PIN, scanning a barcode, email or SMS.

BBM4Android PIN

Inside the app, if you ever need to find your PIN, tap your profile at the top of the app, then tap the “Show Barcode: menu at the bottom of the page that loads. A barcode and your PIN will be displayed. There is a “Copy PIN” button at the bottom of the page that lets you copy the PIN to clipboard and paste elsewhere.

In Use

I have BBM for Android installed on a Pliris Blaze+ and have had no issues with the app. Setting it up was a breeze. My display picture and status message were put up without issues. I have been able to communicate with users on both BlackBerry and Android devices without issues. You can set your contacts list as a grid or as a regular vertical list. The option to enable or disable the saving of your chat history is there, as well as the good old music status update feature. You can also enable a security question in invites.

BBM offers you chat, multiple person chat, broadcast messages, as well as Groups. In chat, you can send and receive text, pictures and voice notes. It offers you the ability to copy and paste chats.

BBM4Android Attach files

You can create or join BBM Groups. BBM Groups are comprehensive and offer regular text chats. But you can also share pictures, lists/tasks, and events, making it an ideal tool for remote working teams. The administrator can decide whether to allow members invite to invite others, or to restrict that privilege to himself.

BBM4Android Mobility team

Rounding Up

I like what I have seen of the new BBM app. I expect that pretty much the same functionality will be available on the iOS version of the app. If you are particularly in need of a virtual workplace, BBM Groups is top notch and comes highly recommended.

Meanwhile, with BBM gone cross-platform now, you need to know that you now need to start saving your contacts’ PINs as part of their details in your Contacts list. Thank me later.


  1. sounds interesting.

    // Meanwhile, with BBM gone
    cross-platform now, you need
    to know that you now need to

    not quite multi platform.

    window phone not supported.

    earlier Android versions not supported..

  2. So you are one of those who crashed BB’s servers, abi? You are one of those who tanked the effort for multi-plat.

  3. I only have some questions to ask…. And I hope I get resonable answers.

    For those that already have an account, I believe they don’t have to generate another account. Would it then mean that they would have new PINs? And in the case some still have their old blackberry running, can they run two accounts at the same time on two different platforms? Say for instance, I still and intend to keep my blackberry, and I want to have it downloaded on my HTC one X. Would It generate a new PIN for me or will I have a roll over and have my contacts intact?

    I know this is going to be a bit difficult to respond to, but we can have opinions to link us to what might be.

    Thanks guys.

  4. Ope,

    When I logged in to the Android app using my BlackBerry ID (email address), a PIN was generated for me. However, when the BlackBerry Z30 came in and I signed in there, the system notified me that I already was assigned to another device and asked if I would love to move to this device? I answered in the affirmative and I was set up on the Z30. The Z30 has a different PIN from the one assigned to me on Android.

    My deduction is that the app would recognise each Android and iOS smartphone as separate devices and assign unique PIN to each device you login to. This suggests that you will not be able to run BBM on multiple devices using the same BlackBerry ID. You will need to create multiple BlackBerry IDs in order to use BBM on multiple devices concurrently. This isn’t official, but my deduction from my experience.

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