Ever since their release, smart watches have gradually evolved. Getting better with every iteration, though we can’t say it’s Uhuru yet. The Samsung Galaxy Gear

Smartwatch Quick Review: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

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Ever since their release, smart watches have gradually evolved. Getting better with every iteration, though we can’t say it’s Uhuru yet. The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 has been out for a while now – more than a year to be precise, and I was just opportune to do a quick review with one unit.


Gear 2

Mr Mo recently reviewed the VAWLT S29 and asked if smart watches have come of age to replace our smartphones. I’d say it still has a long way to go. Here are my findings about the Galaxy Gear 2.




Gear 2 sides


The Gear 2 looks like every other electronic watch albeit smarter. The body has a metal frame, with rubber handles, while the buckle or clip is made of a shiny metal. It comes with an extra pack which carries the microUSB charging port. We have the 1.6 inch AMOLED screen, the Home/Power  button at the lower end, then camera and speakers at the other end. It has no SIM card or Micro SD card slots. See the full specifications HERE.



The Galaxy Gear 2 is only restricted to Samsung flagship (and their mini) devices, you will have to root and do some other hacks before it’ll work on other Androids. The review unit was paired along side the Galaxy S5 Mini. It works with a proprietary Gear app and is constantly paired with the phone via Bluetooth.


Gear 2 Apps

You can make and take calls on the watch, though you have to be within Bluetooth range. Navigation is done by swiping right, left, up and down. You can return to the homescreen from anywhere by pushing the hardware button below the display. There’s access to Notifications, Logs, Dialler, Contacts, then a whole lot other functions which it comes with.


Gear 2 Apps (2)


WatchON Remote (for controlling appliances), S Voice, Voice Memo, Pedometer, Heart Rate (for counting your heart beat per minute), and Sleep (monitor your sleeping times) are among the many utility apps present in this watch. It doesn’t have a browser. Unless maybe you have to download the app.



Gear 2 Music

It has a music player that surprisingly brings out really good audio. The volume is loud and clear even for taking voice calls. It has a camera that is really awful. Even though the resolution is adjustable to 1080p the output is just too blurred. Here’s a photo sample of the OnePlus One.

Gear 2 shot



The Gear 2 is constantly paired with your device, so it’s more or less useless when left to stand alone. Pictures taken on the watch instantly appear on the device. You can only make calls when your device is within Bluetooth range. The battery can take you through 2 – 3 days of average use. But when used actively it only lasts for approximately 24 hours.

Final words


The Gear 2 is just an extension of your smartphone and not a replacement. It helps you tell time alongside keeping you fit. Not only that, it’s another cool device that you can show off with. Smartwatch technology is still pristine and won’t break the smart phone segment anytime soon.

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  2. Smartwatches are DUMB ideas.

    You can (theoretically) keep a regular watch on your wrist forever till the battery dies, but you’ll have to drop your smartwatch in a couple of hours so it can get recharged.

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