Quick Tip: Why you absolutely need a feed reader..

First let me describe the scenarios:

  • Do you have to visit the internet on a daily basis to read news?
  • Do you always have to visit a list of websites on a daily basis?
  • Are you a blogger or a journalist with a need for latest information as soon as it drops?

If you fall into any of these three, then you absolutely need a feed reader on your phone or tablet. What is a feed reader in the first place?

feed reader

A feed reader is an app that collates articles from a list of websites, any website that supports RSS feeds. This means that everything is in one space. When you’re using a feeds app, you no longer need to visit different websites individually. Everything you want to read is within one app. Simply open your feed reader app, and every news content you need is there for you.

feed reader-a

A good example of a feeds app is gReader. After installing, I advise you log in to Feedly using your Gmail account. After that, search and add up all your favorite sites. You are now on a highway to enjoying your favorite content all in one place. Yes; you absolutely need a feed reader app.

Download gReader from Google Play Store.

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