Quick tip: See how Chrome for Android can work as a file manager

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It’s funny, we use use stuff without knowing the many hidden function they have. Take for instance, one of our favorite Android browsers, Google Chrome. Earlier this year, we discovered an interestingly addictive dinosaur game on it. Now, here’s another discovery.
Google Chrome browser for Android devices could actually work as a mini file manager. How does this work? Its simple:


Go to the address bar and type file:///sdcard/ and send it. It immediately open your memory card, then from there you can browse through and see your files. I was able to view picture files and play music. Clicking on apk files actually installed them :-). Every other file refused to work. The video file I tried just hanged the browser.

You can try this on your phone, and show off to your friends. Tell them you saw it on MobilityArena.com 😉



  1. Thanks a lot for this discovery. But I think it’s not possible to edit from it using Copy Paste Utility. Or do you know of any trick to edit file on a phone like LG X135 L60i that doesn’t come with inbuilt File Manager and does not also allow any third party application to edit files on memory card. Even when you attach it to your PC, you won’t be able to access phone memory. You will only be able to access memory card. So any file received through Bluetooth or download that happens to land on your phone memory, there is no way of freeing memory on the phone by moving your files to memory card. You either delete them or stop adding more. Worst still, the phone only has 4Gig ROM and about 1.8 available.
    The phone is so pathetic. I have bought it for my wife before discovering all these stupidity committed by LG. Since then I have been trying to get a file manager that can read/write on Android 4.4.
    This has even made me lost total confidence in the so called major players in mobile phones when it comes to low end smartphones. I will rather go for the likes of Infinix and Tecno when it comes to low end.
    When the major players dish out low end phones, please don’t rush to it, there is higher probability that they have committed an unforgivable blunder somewhere. Just my own suspicion.

  2. Sorry for your experience sir. the problem is caused by the fact that Google added some restrictions to KitKat. Here’s what you’ll do. Root the phone, then goto Play Store and download SDFix. Just run the app once, and your problem will be solved. Cheers.

  3. Thanks a lot Elroy. In fact I have searched the net for any rooting technique for this phone model, I have even try towelroot as well, but all of them were saying that they don’t support that phone model. You can see that it’s just too pathetic for the phone.

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