QuickTeller Now Available For BlackBerry 10

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Quickteller for BB10

I was going through BlackBerry World on the Z30 two days ago when I bumped into Quickteller. I had never seen it there before, and the release date on the app is November 19, 2013, so I can safely say that it has just been released for BB10 platform. The app version reads 1.0.17. Quickteller is the official app from Interswitch Limited and enables you to buy airtime, make payments, send and receive money. The concept of being able to carry out a wide range of transactions while on the move has its practical benefits, convenience being chief.

Quickteller for BB10


Launching the app for the first time, I was greeted with a welcome page and prompted to activate it. Activation consists of providing one’s mobile phone number to which an activation code would be sent. I completed that first stage, received the activation code and entered it into the provided slot.

Add A Verve Card

At the next stage, the app prompted me to to add a Verve card for easy transactions. Make sure that you add a card here if you want to be able to complete your transactions here on the app. If not, you will be required to complete transactions online at Quickteller.com. If you ask me, the option of completing transactions online makes the app next to useless. What is the point? So, add your card.

You will need to visit an ATM to add your card though. This is where I took a recess. When next I am at an ATM, I will complete the process of adding a card and try out the app in a number of scenarios. Note that there is a N1 charge though. I will share my experiences with the app as soon as I can. In the meantime….

Download Quickteller App for BB10

Download Quickteller for BlackBerry 10.

The app is also available for Android. Download Quickteller for Android.

  1. This is one app you just can’t do without. It beats most banks applications in features. I use it all the time. Even before the app was available on android.

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