Introducing The Rabbit R1 Pocket Companion: Who Needs Apps?

Rabbit R1 pocket companion is a pocket-sized device that uses artificial intelligence to help you search the internet, perform tasks, and interact with apps using natural language commands.

The device has a touchscreen, a scroll wheel, a rotating camera, a push-to-talk button, and a SIM card slot. It runs on Rabbit OS, which allows you to train personal AI agents called rabbits to accomplish various objectives.

Rabbit R1 Pocket Companion


Rabbit R1 was developed by a startup called Rabbit, in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, a Swedish design and engineering company. The device works by using a proprietary AI model called the Large Action Model (LAM), which can understand complex human intentions and interact with apps without the need for APIs.

The Rabbit R1 is a device that claims to offer a better way of using apps than smartphones. It uses artificial intelligence to understand your natural language commands and perform actions on your behalf in various apps. It has apps installed; you just won’t need to open them and directly interact with them. For example, you can ask it to book a ride, play music, order food, and more, without having to open any app. The Rabbit R1 also has a unique design, with a scroll wheel, a rotating camera, and a push-to-talk button.

Like modern smartphones, it depends on an Always-On Internet connection to function.

How is the Rabbit R1 better than smartphones?

Right off my head, some possible advantages of the Rabbit R1 over smartphones are:

  • It simplifies the app usage process and saves you time and effort.
  • It allows you to interact with apps using voice commands, which can be more convenient and natural than typing or tapping.
  • It has a smaller and lighter form factor, which makes it easy to carry around and use with one hand.
  • It does not have any distractions or notifications, which can improve your focus and productivity.
  • It does not collect or share your personal data, which can enhance your privacy and security. At least, that is what the company behind it says. We will need to verify that before we believe it.

Things to worry about

Some possible disadvantages of the Rabbit R1 over smartphones are:

  • It does not have all the features and functions of a smartphone, such as calling, texting, browsing, gaming, etc. so, for now, if you get one, you will still need a phone.
  • It may not be compatible with all the apps that you use or want to use.
  • It may not be able to handle complex or ambiguous commands or queries, or provide accurate or relevant responses.
  • It may not have a long battery life or a reliable network connection, especially if you use it frequently or in remote areas.
  • It may not be widely available or supported, especially outside the US.

Ultimately, the Rabbit R1 is a novel and innovative device that aims to change how you use mobile devices. Will it completely replace smartphones? In the immediate, definitely not. The developers will have to add basic phone functions like calling and texting, at the very least, for it to stand a chance against smartphones. But it has promise.

Depending on how AI development goes, one day, we might have to get rid of today’s smartphones completely and embrace AI-dependent devices and systems of this sort. After the iPhone arrived, we began to say that it is all about the apps. One day, that just might change.

Rabbit OS


If you are interested in being an early adopter, the Rabbit R1 device costs $199 and does not require any subscriptions. You can order it now from the Rabbit website,

The website address of rabbit Inc. is, where you can learn more about their products, services, and vision.

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