Racing Wars takes street racing to an absurd level

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A lot of racing games make you focus simply on crossing the finish line finish line first. Some others add twists to the races. However, there are some that take street racing to an absurd new level. Racing Wars is one of the latter. It adds a great storyline to the thrill of outrunning other racers. Plus, you can destroy other cars that stand in your way. That does feel amazing when you try it.

Racing Wars has you take part in an illegal street race. You drive through the night, dodging police and trying to outrun your rivals. But first, you need to escape from prison. You can buy new cars having unique characteristics and design, and tune the cars you already own to upgrade them as much as you want. Also, you get to compete with racers all over the world.Racing Wars

Here are some other features of the game: you get to drive and upgrade over 14 cars. You also play over 20 single player missions, and you can take part in multiplayer street races. You gain research points for every mission completed. However, you have to be smart in spending your research points in the research tree. Also, you can really experience the action, with the intense physics-based destruction you can unleash. You also get to complete daily challenges to earn rewards.

Racing Wars s an immersive, high quality game, with great graphics and amazing sound. However, it has a few drawbacks. For example, it requires a 251 MB+ download, and there has to be at least 274 MB free space on your smartphone. Also, you need an internet connection to play the game. This might not be a drawback for some, though. However, I think this game is great enough to have an offline mode, which it doesn’t.

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