He notices its emerging prominence in his surroundings and environment. He’s seen it in the news, social media and almost everywhere. It has subtly inured

Rants of a Village Man

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He notices its emerging prominence in his surroundings and environment. He’s seen it in the news, social media and almost everywhere. It has subtly inured into his lifestyle. Technology. He breathes it, he preaches it on a daily basis. But like every other human, he has likes and dislikes. He doesn’t easily change what already works for him.

Many have caved in, joined the band wagon, and followed the white men with their more sophisticated ways of doing things. But for him, he likes doing things the old way, the way he feels is the best. Change they say, is inevitable, resistance is futile, and no matter how hard he has tried to hold on, the temptation beckons strongly on him to follow the new modern ways. He has tried his best, and time is nigh for him to give up. Who is he? Me!! 🙁

Oh yes!! Me.. Forget all the geek talk and stuff, deep down, I’m still a village man like those you see in the hinterland, resisting new trends, afraid to change 😀

There are a few things I’ve tried to change, but can’t:

The Fear of Cutting SIM

When I first learnt SIM cards required for newer phones are now meant to be smaller, I bitterly cursed the people that conceived the idea. Why cut our already small SIM to something smaller? They said its to save space for other phone components, then, I’m like, ‘How much space does it actually save? , why not leave our SIM cards alone and work on making phones with longer battery life eh!! I’ve refused to cut my SIM, and have dodged owning any phone that requires me to cut my SIM. But c’mon this is 2014 and we already have even the smaller one called nano SIM Chai!! 😥 I know my next phone must require me to cut SIM.. I’ve tried I know..

The Fear of Cloud Storage

They’ve said its safe and reliable, but I still fear cloud storage. There’s that kind of timidity and resistance within, whenever I’m faced with the option of having to save something in the cloud. I’ve one had an experience with sharemobile.ro I had an account with them and uploaded many files on it. Then one day, the site suddenly crashed and all my files were lost. There have also been recent cases of celebrity iCloud account hacks and leaks of their private pictures. This, is one thing that can happen when you rely so much on cloud storage, to the extent of saving your private pictures in the sky. Cloud storage is also prone to server down times and cases of breach of privacy. Data is still somewhat expensive in this part of the world, and that’s my one major hindrance from fully embracing the cloud.

But seriously, this village man feels its safer to save your important files locally, with access anytime you want ,than leaving it up there.. Gets him obliged to think breeze will carry the thing one day.

That deep love for the Blackberry Keyboard

Tell me,”On-screen keyboard is fast, intuitive, modern, and the best way to type”, and I reply you, “The Blackberry keyboard is better *tongue out*”. This article itself was poured out from the reliable punching on the sweet Blackberry keyboard. The tactile feedback, the delicate spacing between the keys, the way it fits perfectly in my hands. There’s no better way of putting my thoughts in writing that doing it on a Blackberry keyboard. I’ve extensively used software keyboards no doubt. But whenever I’m on a blackberry, the feeling is similar to when Iron Man puts on his armour.. Super Power Mode!!.. Lol 😆

Resistance is futile.. A time will come when I’ll be forced to drop these habits, but before then, who will convince me otherwise?


  1. Oga Elroy, I share most of your sentiments.


    Where you and I part ways in your assertion that hardware keyboard is better than touchscreen.

    Yes: humans, not just the village men, resist change. Technology almost always represent some form of change in the way things are done.

    And, mostly, is a better, Kore effective, efficient, and other superlatives… way of living in the modern world.

    And, no, newer is not always better.

    There are numerous ills of the advent of technology, but, all in all, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

    My take… anything that improves on efficiency and improved our quality of life.. should be embraced even if there is a steep learning curve involved to take advantage… (the touchscreen keyboard issue is a case in point)

  2. My brothers based on this article am a confirmed village man. Weather we like it or not cloud storage is already here and we are all using it already. Facebook, even our email services are all cloud storage facilities in a way but the one thing I will never do is to accept an overt cloud storage. The recent revelations by Snowden and celebrity icloud leaks show us that we are in trouble both from our governmnent spy agencies and hackers. Microsoft wants to one day give us operating systems that are cloud based. I want to ask who will pay for the GBs of mobile data it will consume and it means that if I travel to my village so I won’t work again.

    Am a die hard Nokia fan and I really don’t want to branch out. I have yabbed and insulted Blackberry phones for years so I can’t be seen using one. I love my qwerty keyboard with a passion. Am still using a Nokia E6 and everyday I watch and pray that Microsoft will give ‘me’ a high end Lumia phone with a physical keyboard. The E6 is now falling apart and am still hoping for a miracle. I even wrote to them and they bluntly told me that they have no such plans for now.

    One word of advice I have for Microsoft is that they should understand their costumers. Apple has a cult like following and sorry to say this……they are not very smart. They will swallow any garbage thrown out by that company without question. The funniest thing is how they used to line up for days. isheep indeed.

    Microsoft now wants to treat us in the same way. They don’t listen to costumer compliants anymore. Rather than address the Windows 8 start menu problem they spent months trying to aggresively’educate’ us. The only message they now understand is poor sales. They introduce many different phones every year, so there is no harm to giving a ‘village man’ like me just one Lumia phone with a physical Qwerty keyboard. It’s risk worth taking. Am very sure many fans have also ‘begged’ them. It is not as if the current strategy of trying to be like Apple is working.

    Mr. Mo and all ye forumites make una help me beg them oo.

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