A lot of PC gamers would consider it a transgression to play games on Windows 10 with a controller. However, there are lots of PC


Razer launches the Wolverine Ultimate controller

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A lot of PC gamers would consider it a transgression to play games on Windows 10 with a controller. However, there are lots of PC games that would do just fine with a controller. Now, Xbox One controllers do great on Windows 10, but there are controllers that add something extra to the controls of your PC game. One of these is Razer’s new Wolverine Ultimate controller.


Razer says that the Wolverine Ultimate controller can adapt itself to any gameplay style. This is due to its interchangeable parts, which include a set of two different D-Pads, swappable thumbsticks with different shapes and heights. Also, there are six triggers and buttons, which can be mapped through Razer’s Synapse software on PC.Wolverine Ultimate

Furthermore, the controller supports the Razer Chroma Illumination platform. Thus, the device has an RGB strip running along a small area on its face, and across the front too. This strip supports up to 16.8 million colors, along with various cool lighting effects. According to Razer, the Wolverine Ultimate is the console product to support the Razer Chroma SDK. This allows developers to integrate advanced lighting capabilities for Xbox One, and controllers for next level gaming immersion.


The Wolverine Ultimate is wired, with a braided USB cable that can be removed if necessary. There are also 4 extra buttons, along with the regular buttons, labeled M3 to M6, plus two buttons between the trigger sets, which are M1 and M2. The controller also has a hair trigger mode, which reduces the response time of the left and right triggers.

In terms of exterior features, the Wolverine Ultimate comes with non-slip rubber grips, a carrying case, and a braided fiber connector, measuring 10 feet, with a Micro USB connector. The controller comes with a few additional buttons, while appearing to be more ergonomic in shape. This should feel quite comfortable in your hands during long gaming sessions. According to reports, the Wolverine Ultimate will reach the North American market in September for $160.



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  2. Wow! Every game lovers like me would surely like this. This Wolverine Ultimate control will add more fun to game playing, no doubt.

  3. all game lovers should avail themselves of this golden opportunity to play this game as for me am sure am gonna play this game.

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