Razer might make a gaming smartphone soon

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Gaming company Razer is rumored to be working on a gaming smartphone to appeal to hardcore gamers. For now, that is just a rumor. However, this might actually happen in the near future, as Razer recently acquired Nextbit Systems, a smartphone startup, in January. It is quite possible that both companies are working on the project together.

The gaming phone’s development will apparently be funded by Razer’s IPO in Hong Kong, with a projected company valuation of between # billion and $5 billion, according to some reports. There’s no indication of when the gaming phone will be released.Razer gaming smartphone

With the continued rise in mobile gaming popularity, the company may find more people interested in joining a central community and connecting with like-minded people today. A smartphone that doubles as a powerful gaming device would seem to be the perfect platform, especially when coupled with Razer’s zVault digital wallet and zGold virtual currency, which gamers can earn as they play, enabling them to pay for new equipment in future.

However, Razer has not announced any plans to make a gaming phone officially yet. If the company does, though, it would likely face competition from any other startup with similar plans. Acer has a strong gaming brand under its Predator name, and it has already produced some great gaming tablets. Also, Acer has shown off the Predator 6 gaming smartphone. However, that was way back in 2015, and the device never really saw the light of day.

Startup Wonder is also most likely to build a gaming smartphone. This is potentially the centerpiece of a larger ecosystem of gaming products. This company may launch its first device before the end of the year. Companies like Nokia and Sony have also made phones suitable for use as gaming smartphones in the past. But, as has been stressed earlier, Razer has not made any official statement concerning plans to make a gaming smartphone.


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