Re-cycling Mobility – the stylus may be back in fashion

In April 2010, I wrote the article, What is wrong with using a stylus? About a year later, I followed it up with another titled, The return of the Stylus?. At the time of the second article, only HTC had produced a mobile device with a stylus (the Flyer tablet) on any of the new generation smartphone platforms. A number of people did argue that the stylus was largely redundant and probably dead and buried.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The world’s largest mobile manufacturer, Samsung, recently stepped up to the stage with a device that has a stylus too – the Galaxy Note (pictured above). It is interesting that many reviews of the Note extol the benefits of the stylus in use with it. So far, the Samsung Galaxy Note seems to be making a good splash in the pond. Will the use of the stylus catch on?

Sony Ericsson P800
Sony Ericsson P800

Personally, I would love to use a stylus for taking notes via handwriting recognition and for drawing. I remember that I was a fan of Sony Ericsson’s Symbian UIQ smartphones because of handwriting recognition via the included stylus on each of those devices. I owned the fantastic P800 (above), and a little later the P990. The last symbian UIQ smartphone that I owned was the P1i pictured below (brym! do you still have yours?).

Sony Ericsson P1i
Sony Ericsson P1i

With a heavyweight like Samsung pushing a stylus device, perhaps I might yet laugh last. I also suspect that the Galaxy Note and devices after its mold will gain the prestigious status that Nokia’s Communicators used to have. They have the muscles, size, wow factor and exclusivity required to be the top dogs in the smartphone jungle.

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