Some of you might be beginning to think that I am obsessed. Yes; I am. Stop thinking it. I am obsessed with Windows Phone. It

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Some of you might be beginning to think that I am obsessed. Yes; I am. Stop thinking it. I am obsessed with Windows Phone. It is the OS that I want to hold during the day and cuddle in bed at night. That is why I am desperately hunting down info and trying to find workarounds for the frustrating things that I have found on it.

As you may know, I have found that all Windows Phone smartphones that I reviewed – HTC HD7, HTC 7 Mozart, Lumia 610, and Lumia 920 – lack a 3G-only mode in the connection settings. 3G-only means the ability to peg it to connect over 3G/HSDPA only. I detailed this in my recent article, Windows Phone Is Driving Me Crazy.

In response to my article, Julian posted this comment that gave me some hope:

I have an HTC 8X and it lets me switch freely between 2G, 3G or LTE from the network settings menu.

However, my research online shows that the HTC 8X does not actually have the 3G-only mode. What it has is exactly what all the other WP devices that I have used have – the ability to peg your maximum connection speed. If you peg a max speed at 3G, for example, it means that the phone will freely switch between 2G and 3G. It is not 3G-only mode. Have a look at the two screenshots below from an HTC 8X:

Source: Check Network Mode – HTC Windows Phone 8S

Jmaine also responded with this:

I use a Lumia 900 running the Mango 7.5, and from experience the ability to chose a 3G mode only or edge mode only is enabled.

Here is also a link to a help article for the Nokia Lumia 900 that makes it clear that the 900 doe3s not have 3G-only mode. What the Lumia 900 has too is the option to select E (EDGE), 3G or 4G as your highest connection speed. No option to peg to one.

So far as I can see, 3G-only network mode does not exist on Windows Phone. Shame. Flipping crying shame.

PS: Just in case Julian and Jmaine are right and there are variants of the HTC 8X and Lumia 900 that actually have 3G-only mode, can you kindly do a screenshot or take a photo and email to me via Thanks.

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  1. Just told my brother to re confirm what he has on lumia 710 and its the same Highest connection speed.

  2. Yeah, my bad. . . That’s very true . .but it always does stay on 3G, only shifting to edge in areas with extremely poor 3G signals . . .
    I felt it was an advanatage cos i won’t run the risk of losing network signals totally without my knowing.

    P:S ===> The Lumia 7.5/7.8 devices lacks screen shot capabilities t. . Due to laziness ** smiling**, i have not been able to send you a photo shot of my device with respect to Lumia capability in sending text to numbers other than the “Mobile No” stored in the device.

  3. Ok, from my little experience with Windows Phone, although it’s pegged on 3G I get HSDPA unless it isn’t available.

    Maybe I’ve missed something but if a faster network speed isn’t available pegging won’t make any difference?

  4. Mr Mo, I get the 3G/HSDPA thing, what I don’t get is why the need to “peg” it. Tried that a couple of times on my different Android phones and it was a mess – I just stuck with “pick whichever one gives me a signal!” (what’s the relevance of GPRS these days?)

  5. In many areas, a phone in auto mode will stay mostly connected to a 2G network, because that is stronger than the 3G network present. Pegging it on 3G means that the phone will latch continually to the 3G network and you can enjoy the faster speeds at all times. That has been mostly my experience.

  6. @Noni??
    On my Nokia 808 PureView, when I want to browse I switch to 3G only so that I get fast and undiluted speed. No 3G no browsing cos I cant withstand slow internet.??

    But When I just want my phone to seat there for chats and emails, I use Edge.

  7. Ah Mr Mo, this is where our experience differs.

    Mine is pegged to 3G, yet I spend ages on EDGE and even GPRS. When I get HSDPA I get excited (if it actually works as such).

  8. Noni,

    You are, em, making a mistake. Windows Phone does not have the 3G-only option and so cannot be pegged. What you have done is selected 3G as your maximum connection speed, which means that the phone switches between 2G (EDGE, GPRS) and 3G/HSDPA depending on available network strengths.

    Clearly, you are in the same boat that I am. All the Windows Phone smartphones I have used tend to spend more time on GPRS/EDGE than on 3G. Which is why I wish that the 3G-only mode is available.

    Did I clarify this time?

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